Neat held the Neat Partners Meeting 2019 with successful results

Neat partners from all sales regions and several Neat members met from May 27 to 29 in Munich, Germany to carry out the traditional Partners Meeting.

Neat Partners Meeting 2019 2During the event, experiences were shared and strategic issues for the future of Neat were discussed. Likewise, as always, this event served to strengthen the relationships among all the participants.

The Neat Partners Meeting 2019 was opened by the CEO of Neat, Arturo Pérez Kramer, who stressed that being a partner of Neat is the ideal option to be leaders in the market and emphasized how Neat, together with Legrand, has a firm commitment to the promotion of assistive technology.

Massimo Pescia, Head of Marketing of the Building Systems unit of Legrand, also attended the event and gave an interesting presentation about the synergies that the Neat-Legrand merger represents. Similarly, Pescia explained the great potential of taking advantage of the benefits of the Eliot program and the possibilities of a connected world, such as access to homes with Home Automation systems.

For his part, Íñigo Ruiz Cossío, Product & Marketing Manager, presented the roadmap of Neat’s product development strategy in the medium and long term and talked about future releases. He also spoke about NOVO as a HUB and the infinite advantages of this digital terminal, such as remote connectivity, among others.

During the event, awards were given to the most notable success stories.

The winners were:

  • Neat Switzerland (Switzerland), through a product change to 4G, managed to improve the market in general and fundamentally increase the collaboration with Red Cross, its main client.
  • Irbema (Italy), searching for strategic alternatives to expand impact on the market, created its own company, made a distribution agreement with Neat and now it is having marvellous sales results.
  • Tlv Solutions (Belgium), made an interesting installation of Internal Systems in an Italian hospital, taking advantage of all the benefits of Neat wireless technology: installations without affecting daily operations, with minimum infrastructure requirements, without construction works, in record time, with a minimized initial investment, etc.

Neat Partners Meeting 2019

Our colleague María Pardo participated in the celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Mujer CienciaOn the International Day of Women and Girls in Science held on 11th February, the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) organized an event to present the study “Scientific figures 2017” with the latest data and indicators of the situation of women in the scientific profession in Spain.

The Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities, Pedro Duque, inaugurated the event during which several women explained their experiences in the scientific career. It was in these talks where our colleague María Pardo García, an electronic and industrial engineer and a master in robotics, presented the project Woman and Engineering developed by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAI). This initiative was born due to the lack of women in the field of engineering and technology, whose objective is to give visibility to the professionals of this sector and help them break their “glass ceiling” and in which Maria Pardo has participated.

Maria explained, “The objective of projects like Women and Engineering is to motivate girls and teenagers, fostering vocations and encouraging the incorporation of more women into the different professional sector related to engineering and the development of their professional career until they reach positions of responsibility”. During her speech, María said, “The TECHMI project was very special; I wanted to contribute a bit and try to teach the children that an engineering can be carried out, that with it they can help many people; this project appeals people from all walks of life with a lot of desire to change the world. These boys and girls were able to complete a project and that was the most important thing for me, although this goal may seem difficult”.

We, Neat Group workers, are very proud of having Maria working with us, who, like the rest of our women colleagues; demonstrates every day with her work that the integration of women in the scientific-technical field is not only desirable, but also very beneficial for the development of companies in our sector and society as a whole.

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Neat attended the XIII National Congress of Lares in Madrid

Lares 4With the aim of promoting their technological solutions and being an active part of the efforts to improve the quality of life of people, Neat participated in the XIII National Congress of Lares that took place in the city of Madrid from October 24 to 26, 2018, under the motto “Committed to Good Work”.

The congress had a large commercial exhibition area where Neat showed its residential care systems in booth number 4, accompanied by dozens of social economy entities and companies related to the social care sector.

Juan Vela Caudevilla, president of Lares Asociación, said that the objective of this congress is to make it “the most important event in the sector”.

Also, Vela explained that on this occasion the organizing committee worked “on innovation and plurality to offer a different congress that meets the expectations of all those who, in one way or another, are involved in the sector of care for dependence»; to this end, a “first-level scientific committee was formed, made up of different experts and professionals from all areas of attention and management”, who programmed more than 20 specialized workshops “and different itineraries, with the aim of deeply addressing the areas of direct care and dependency management».

During the event, fundamental issues were addressed such as bioethics at the end of life, the development of good practices, therapeutic feeding, person-centered care, leadership of the elderly in society, the current demographic situation, national strategies for an active aging, the importance of caretakers, among others.

This event of professionals from the sector welcomed more than 600 attendees.

Lares is an organization in which three entities coexist: Federation, Foundation and Association that share the objective of improving the quality of life of the elderly, the dependent, disabled and at risk of social exclusion people through the personalization of the direct attention, training of professionals and search for financing.

Lares has 17 regional associations that bring together 1,050 centers and services throughout Spain.

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Older people already have their own graphic symbol

pictomayores65A “Graphic Symbol of Older People” was presented on June 8,  at the headquarters of the State Reference Center for Personal Autonomy and Technical Aid (Ceapat, by its acronym in Spanish) in Madrid, a freely used pictogram for the signage of spaces and uses preferential or suitable for the elderly.

This symbol is the result of the collaboration of Ceapat professionals and the LideA Forum (Senior Leadership, by its acronym in Spanish). In its preparation, the universal design and evaluation criteria recommended by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) were taken into account, for example, being applicable to both genders and conveying a realistic and positive vision of older people who actively participate and contribute to society. Throughout the process, more than 350 people participated, very diverse at a functional, generational and cultural level.

Although this symbol was conceived in Spain, its use and promotion are feasible at an international level.

This pictogram can be downloaded here.

Neat obtains ISO 27001 certification of Information Security Management Systems

  • Neat goes a step further in its commitment to ensuring a safe information treatment.
  • This achievement certifies the safety of Neat solutions in the health and social sector.

ISO 27001.jpg

Neat has obtained the ISO 27001 certification of Information Security Management Systems thanks to its continuous commitment to the development and implementation of security measures related to the processing of information.

ISO 27001 promotes the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information; who complies with it is able to ensure the following fundamental aspects in the management of it: that only authorized persons can access the information; that the methods of processing information are accurate and complete; and that authorized users have access to it at any time.

According to the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR), the ISO 27001 standard contributes to fostering information protection activities in organizations, improving their image and generating trust for third parties.

Juan Ignacio Pérez Cabanillas, Head of Quality and Innovation at Neat, states that “ISO 27001 defines the requirements necessary to implement a secure information system and also sets the guidelines to maintain and improve it continuously”. Perez Cabanillas also clarifies that when talking about an information system “not only do you want to refer to IT elements, since it also covers the set of technologies and tools for the treatment of one of the main assets of companies, the information , regardless of the format in which it is found, such as paper, hard disks, etc. “

Among the main beneficiaries of this certification are undoubtedly the service providers who use Neat’s information management platforms since, thanks to the compliance and certification of this standard, they can offer services in the health and social sector even more calmly, since they have the endorsement of an internationally recognized standard aimed at safe treatment of information.

Along the same lines, Arturo Pérez Kramer, Chief Operating Officer at Neat, reiterated the importance of ensuring the security of the processing of personal data and confidential information for the development and growth of the socio-health technology sector. “We strongly support the implementation of information security management systems based on this standard,” he said. Likewise, Pérez Kramer pointed out that “Neat is aware of the importance of complying not only with ISO 27001, but also with all those certifications that guarantee the safety and quality of its processes, products and services and its commitment to the environment”.

Proof of this is the fact that in addition to ISO 27001 certification, Neat also has the following certifications: ISO 9001 for quality management systems and ISO 14001 for environmental management systems.

Neat Group participates in the conference ‘Connecting the unconnected’ organized by ISECO

Our partner and distributor ISECO Systems organized a product presentation in Madrid, in collaboration with Tesa Assa Abloy and Neat Group.

Under the title “Connecting the unconnected”, different wireless solutions that improve efficiency in residential centers for older people and increase the quality of care for residents were shown.

Our colleague Alberto Pascua, Account Manager of Neat Group, was the first to talk with a lecture on the benefits of technology in the healthcare centers. He also talked about the history of our company and the soundness of our solutions for nursing homes.

Later Rogelio Rodriguez talked about the wireless solutions of Tesa Assa Abloy and Rafael Villegas and Vicente Collado did the same about ISECO Systems.

Theresa May announces expansion of digital health services in United Kingdom

theresa-mayThe goverments in Europe need to accommodate the costs of health services to increasingly tight budgets and to progressive aging of society , and that is just one of the reasons why the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has announced a project to help patients deal with mental health disorders expanding the digital tools in the healthcare system, which will entail a £67.7 million investment by the government.

“What I am announcing are the first steps in our plan to transform the way we deal with mental illness in this country at every stage of a person’s life: not in our hospitals, but in our classrooms, at work and in our communities,” said the Prime Minister.

The place chosen by May to announce this program was the Charity Commission, the non-ministerial government department that regulates registered charities in England and Wales, during an event dedicated to mental illness.

May explained that “online therapy has the potential to transform the way mental health services are delivered by allowing people to check their symptoms, be triaged online and receive clinically-assisted therapy over the internet much more quickly and easily, assuming it is clinically appropriate”.

“These treatments have been tested in other countries and they work. In the right cases, they can offer access to treatment far quicker than traditional services,” May added.

In Neat Group we are convinced that services such as telehealth can be a fantastic tool to save money and to offer high quality medical treatments at the same time, in a country where 1 out of 4 Britons suffers some common mental disorder, which means an annual expenditure of £105 billion ($131,3 billions).