Theresa May announces expansion of digital health services in United Kingdom

theresa-mayThe goverments in Europe need to accommodate the costs of health services to increasingly tight budgets and to progressive aging of society , and that is just one of the reasons why the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has announced a project to help patients deal with mental health disorders expanding the digital tools in the healthcare system, which will entail a £67.7 million investment by the government.

“What I am announcing are the first steps in our plan to transform the way we deal with mental illness in this country at every stage of a person’s life: not in our hospitals, but in our classrooms, at work and in our communities,” said the Prime Minister.

The place chosen by May to announce this program was the Charity Commission, the non-ministerial government department that regulates registered charities in England and Wales, during an event dedicated to mental illness.

May explained that “online therapy has the potential to transform the way mental health services are delivered by allowing people to check their symptoms, be triaged online and receive clinically-assisted therapy over the internet much more quickly and easily, assuming it is clinically appropriate”.

“These treatments have been tested in other countries and they work. In the right cases, they can offer access to treatment far quicker than traditional services,” May added.

In Neat Group we are convinced that services such as telehealth can be a fantastic tool to save money and to offer high quality medical treatments at the same time, in a country where 1 out of 4 Britons suffers some common mental disorder, which means an annual expenditure of £105 billion ($131,3 billions).

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According to the WHO, adults older than 65 suffer the greatest number of fatal falls

abuelos-2In some occasions we have already written in this same blog about the risk that suppose the falls for the elderly at home. In many cases, the patient suffers loss of consciousness after the fall, which causes they cannot ask for help by themselves. For this reason, we must always provide the best technological solutions to older people so they can feel secure while continue living independently at their own home.

According to WHO data, falls at home are the second cause of worldwide mortality from accidental injuries, and those over 65 are the main victims of this type of accidents. There are 37.3 million falls annually that require medical attention.

In addition to age and sex (57% of victims of falls, are women), other risk factors are “underlying medical conditions, such as neurological, cardiac or other disabling conditions; side effects of medication, physical inactivity and loss of balance, particularly among older people; poor mobility, cognition, and vision, particularly among those living in an institution, such as a nursing home or chronic care facility; unsafe environments, particularly for those with poor balance and limited visiatomion”.

The I-ATOM alarm transmitter functions as a conventional remote-control emergency button, but it also monitors its wearer’s activity on an ongoing basis and transmits an alarm when no activity is detected. In this way, users can be sure that in case of loss of consciousness the service of telecare will receive an alarm and proceed in the most efficient way.

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This is how our fire detectors work

smoke-tempBecause of the low temperatures we are experiencing at this time, we all increase the temperature of our home thanks to the heating devices that modern housing offers.

However, increasing the use of heaters also increases the risk of fire. That’s why we want to introduce you to one of our alarms specially designed to detect fire, SMOKE and TEMP.

SMOKE and TEMP are two devices that are integrated into an advanced telecare system whereby the user’s home is monitored to avoid risk situations. Advanced telecare is a system designed to detect all types of emergencies in the home such as floods, falls or early fires, without the user having to press the alarm button to get help from the care services.

SMOKE is a detector sensitive to combustion products, both visible and invisible. Prepared for the detection of all types of fires, especially those that are in an incipient state. When SMOKE detects smoke in a room of the house, it will emit a visual and audible warning to alert the user. At the same time, it will send an alarm to the care services so that, if necessary, emergency services will be sent to the user’s home.

When there is vapour or excess of dust, SMOKE cannot be used, it is the TEMP temperature rise detector that will alert about dangerous situations.

As all our devices, SMOKE and TEMP have been tested to guarantee their reliability.

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Neat Social networks, industry leaders

twitter-292994_1920There is no doubt about the importance of social networks in the development of a company. In fact, social networks not only serve to improve the brand image, but also as a communication channel with customers and distributors. That is why we have been working on our corporate image in the digital world for many years, and through hard work and perseverance we have ensured that our brand image is a leader, compared with our competitors, accumulating thousands of followers in our social networks.

By developing quality content, very innovative, we have reached 2,400 followers on Facebook and we need to add another 1,300 on Twitter. This presence in the networks allows us to increase the traffic to our website and thus, not only to publicize our products and services, but also opens a channel for us to contact our customers to resolve their doubts and provide them with quality information.

If you want to take a look:

Google Plus:
Twitter (Spanish): @GrupoNEAT
Twitter (English): @Neat_Group

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Merry Christmas and happy 2017

This has been a fantastic year for Neat Group and it was because all of you: our staff who everyday work to help the company grow, our partners that distribute our devices worldwide and of course our customers who prefer our products.

That is why we would like to thank you and wish you all a very happy Christmas.

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Neat participated in an important conference on Alzheimer

Alzheimer CRE.jpgNeat Group was present at the conference entitled “People-centered care in the field of dementias”, which was held last October 18 in the State Reference Center for care and intervention with people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and their families (CRE Alzheimer) located in the pretty city of Salamanca.

The conference was given by the expert gerontologist Teresa Martínez who focused on the model of care centered on the person and its application in dementias.

This model was explained as a “more rational and fairer approach where the dignity and the defense of the autonomy of the person are defended and where great importance is given to the knowledge of the habits of the person living in the nursing home, -which is called ‘life history´- involving the relatives very directly and obtaining very beneficial results for the elderly”, “José Luis Barroso, Key Account Manager from Neat Group, told us, after his active participation in the conference.

Neat Group has always opted for a care model in which patient is the protagonist, and for this reason we have developed solutions as our dementia system that facilitate the attention of the users improving their autonomy within the nursing home.

You can see the video of the conference below (spanish):


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Neat exhibited its products at the 2016 National Congress of Lares

congreso-lares-2The D-POS, belonging to the Wandering Solution, and the TREX system were exhibited at the XII National Congress of Lares, on October 19, 20 and 21, in the city of Toledo (Spain).

All the activities of the event, from talks, workshops and exhibitions of technological solutions revolved around the slogan ‘Management for the Common Good’.

During the development of the congress, hundreds of people visited our stand to obtain more information about our solutions and dozens of them offered their contact information because they felt extremely interested in installing our products in their care centers.

In addition, Neat sponsored the signage of the event, which made it easier for visitors to access all the activities and venues of the event.

Lares is an association that groups 17 autonomous associations with 1,050 centers and services throughout Spain. This association pursues the objective of improving the quality of life of the elderly through the personalization of direct care, the training of professionals and the search for funding and assistance.

Congreso Lares 1.png

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