Thousands of automatic calls to minimize waiting times on Adapted Transport routes

Thanks to the SmartCall mobile application developed by Neat, automatic, pre-programmed and personalized calls can be made to notify the user of the arrival of the adapted vehicle.

SmartCall is an application designed to make automatic, pre-programmed and personalized calls to the people who are taken to their Day Center. When the elder answers the call, he is informed by a recording about his next pickup. The system interacts with the user asking if he understood the message, if the answer is negative, the recording is repeated.

This technological service reduces waiting times for people with mobility impairments who use the route of transport adapted to the Municipal Day Centers. The elderly are notified in advance about the arrival of transport, allowing both the elderly and their relatives to have enough time to get to the door of their home.

During 2017, more than 130,000 personalized calls were sent out to users to notify them that the adapted vehicle will arrive shortly.

It is worth mentioning that in 2014, thanks to this modern App, the Madrid City Council won the “Contratos y Proyectos Smart Cities 2014” (“Smart Cities Contracts and Projects 2014”) award.


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SAD Optimizer, intelligent management of Home Care Services

A cloud application that increases productivity.

Home Care ServicesAn intelligent management of Home Care Services is essential to ensure that the user in a situation of dependency, vulnerability or risk receives personalized attention in an efficient manner.

In its continuous development of innovative solutions, Neat has designed a web tool called SAD Optimizer, which facilitates the management of service providers allowing the creation of work schedules based on the availability of time, determining the workload of the assistant and knowing the distance between the address of the user and the location of the assistant.

Service providers do not need to have any previous infrastructure just connect to SAD Optimizer and it´s done. In addition, the costs are predictable and are managed according to the number of users.


SAD Optimizer application allows managing services in mobility since the assistant has the work plan in his/her own mobile device and actively participates in the service.

To reinforce the efficiency and timeliness of Home Care Services, SAD Optimizer relies on the mobile application SAD Presence from Neat, developed to register the entry and exit of the assistants.

Home Care Service


  • Work schedule: creation of work schedules in a simple and intuitive way.
  • Availability: it informs about the available hours of the auxiliaries, takes into account the holidays and guarantees the fairness in the hourly distribution.
  • Transport: it calculates the costs of moving the auxiliary automatically and optimizes the distances.
  • Integration: Solution ready to be integrated with any billing system managed by the service provider.
  • Billing: it generates reports of the tasks performed and billing reports.
  • Productivity and monitoring: it communicates to the managers of the service about the level of productivity of each assistant and provides them with indicators on human resources, time and tasks
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Neat launches D-POS II to the market

A fully renewed Dementia System 

Dementia System (2).pngD-POS System is a comprehensive solution designed to cover two essential needs in a care center: to allow caretakers to move around residential and healthcare centers freely and safely and to facilitate the work of healthcare professionals 24 hours a day.

To meet these objectives, D-POS system creates safe and controlled areas for caretakers allowing carrying out an intelligent management of four fundamental services: Access control, Wandering control, Indoor Positioning and Assistance and Panic button for both caretakers and caregivers.

Patients only have to use an alarm transmitter bracelet called SMILE ID and enjoy a wide freedom of movement. In cases of people with dementia, the UDAT-S bracelet with a special anti-opening and cut-resistant clasp is used.

Likewise, the D-POS System is complemented with a mobile alarm receiver such as TREX or D-TREX carried by the care professionals and / or with NOVO, a digital care phone.

Application example: Nursing home care:

  • Indoor positioning:  6, 7
  • Assistance and Panic button: 6, 7, 8
  • Access control: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Wandering control: 6, 7

Wandering control

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Merry Christmas!

All people that are part of Neat Group want to send their sincere congratulations to all their followers, customers, partners and users of our technology.

Once again, this has been a great year for our company and the workers of Neat Group are extremely grateful to all those who make it possible for this project to continue growing.

For this reason we want to wish you all a merry christmas!

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Neat deploys its assistive technology in the Casa Insieme Association in Italy

A project that makes possible to offer comprehensive care.
Casa Insieme Association, located in the province of Turin, is an institution founded in 1999 by a group of volunteers interested in creating a center for patients with advanced diseases and an adult day care center for people with Alzheimer’s.
In this place and in its spacious and unique gardens, doctors, nurses and volunteers have assisted more than 500 people and their families paying special attention to pain and physical and psychological discomfort.

The association promotes teamwork, supporting operators and volunteers with specific training, cares about the needs of patients and their families and accompanies them at all times, taking into account the physical, psychological, social, ethical and spiritual aspects of each individual.

Motivated by its vocation of comprehensive care, the Casa Insieme Association decided to seek a nurse-call solution that would allow it to meet four primary objectives: to have a simple, efficient and intuitive wireless technology that would replace its old  wired system; provide the highest possible quality of care to its patients and family members; provide mobility to both patients and care professionals and finally, have a system for recording and monitoring events that would make it possible to improve the work-flow of the staff.

To optimally cover the needs of the Casa Insieme Association, Exhibo, the Neat distribution channel in Italy, developed and proposed the installation project and carried out the technological deployment that included the following wireless solutions:

  • Portable call receiver (TREX) for caregivers, a small and discreet device, with a wide range of coverage that allows full mobility of staff, each generated alarm is received and displayed directly on the receiver’s screen thus ensuring the timely intervention.
  • Wireless pull and push buttons installed in rooms, bathrooms and common areas.
  • Bracelets for patients that allow them to request help just pressing a button.
  • A simple alarm management software, which allows recording alarms, the presence of the assistant, the end of assistance and so on.
  • Radio repeaters that ensure absolute coverage of the center.

The installation was carried out in just one day, without disturbing the patients, generating noise, or altering the work-dynamics of the center, because Neat’s wireless technology does not require infrastructure or construction.

Thanks to this powerful wireless nurse-call system from Neat, the Casa Insieme Association now enjoys huge advantages such as full coverage throughout the center, the mobility of professionals, which are very necessary to facilitate their work, freedom of movement also for the patients and easy reception and management of alarms. Which result in an optimization of resources.

Neat is the leading company in wireless call solutions, so trust in this multinational is to ensure its patients a high quality service.

Tecnología Dependencia.jpg

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How can the D-POS system help care centers create a space free of physical retraints?

Patient restraint systems, better known as “restraints”, have always been a very controversial practice in the health sector. Especially when it comes to patients with mental diseases such as Alzheimer. In fact, the European Council, in its recommendation Rec (2004) 10, ruled that “mechanical restraints should not be used” except “to avoid imminent harm to the patient or to other people”

How to avoid mechanical restraints in care centers?

Neat Group is totally agree with this recommendation and considers that technology can provide us with effective tools to avoid mechanical restraints.

Thus, for example, the D-POS system helps centers create safe areas where residents can wander. Its operation is very simple. Each patient wears a comfortable bracelet or pendant that allows unequivocally identifying the patient and knowing his location within the center. When a resident tries to access a dangerous area, leave the building, cross a preconfigured space or a door for which he does not have access, an alarm is generated immediately and  received in a device carried by the caregiver. TREX device, responsible for receiving this type of alarm, is small and comfortable, and identifies the patient and the place he is trying to cross. Thus, the caregiver can quickly attend the emergency and go to assist the resident who has generated the alert.

In this way, we guarantee respect for the dignity and autonomy of the person that should be the basic ingredients that include any medical protocol, while facilitating the work of caregivers of the residential centers.

Dementia System

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New video presentation of D-POS system

Neat Group has published a brand new video about D-POS system, a residential care solution for dementia patients.

D-POS is a technological solution that offers various functionalities for the care of dementia patients in the care centers. Solutions such as wandering system, access control, indoor location and panic system are provided with total reliability for professionals and comfort for the patient.

We hope you like it.

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