Merry Christmas and happy 2017

This has been a fantastic year for Neat Group and it was because all of you: our staff who everyday work to help the company grow, our partners that distribute our devices worldwide and of course our customers who prefer our products.

That is why we would like to thank you and wish you all a very happy Christmas.

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Neat participated in an important conference on Alzheimer

Alzheimer CRE.jpgNeat Group was present at the conference entitled “People-centered care in the field of dementias”, which was held last October 18 in the State Reference Center for care and intervention with people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and their families (CRE Alzheimer) located in the pretty city of Salamanca.

The conference was given by the expert gerontologist Teresa Martínez who focused on the model of care centered on the person and its application in dementias.

This model was explained as a “more rational and fairer approach where the dignity and the defense of the autonomy of the person are defended and where great importance is given to the knowledge of the habits of the person living in the nursing home, -which is called ‘life history´- involving the relatives very directly and obtaining very beneficial results for the elderly”, “José Luis Barroso, Key Account Manager from Neat Group, told us, after his active participation in the conference.

Neat Group has always opted for a care model in which patient is the protagonist, and for this reason we have developed solutions as our dementia system that facilitate the attention of the users improving their autonomy within the nursing home.

You can see the video of the conference below (spanish):


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Neat exhibited its products at the 2016 National Congress of Lares

congreso-lares-2The D-POS, belonging to the Wandering Solution, and the TREX system were exhibited at the XII National Congress of Lares, on October 19, 20 and 21, in the city of Toledo (Spain).

All the activities of the event, from talks, workshops and exhibitions of technological solutions revolved around the slogan ‘Management for the Common Good’.

During the development of the congress, hundreds of people visited our stand to obtain more information about our solutions and dozens of them offered their contact information because they felt extremely interested in installing our products in their care centers.

In addition, Neat sponsored the signage of the event, which made it easier for visitors to access all the activities and venues of the event.

Lares is an association that groups 17 autonomous associations with 1,050 centers and services throughout Spain. This association pursues the objective of improving the quality of life of the elderly through the personalization of direct care, the training of professionals and the search for funding and assistance.

Congreso Lares 1.png

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COPD, an especially dangerous disease for the older

2548162908_83cf47bac8Today, November 16th, is the World Day against Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, better known as COPD, the fourth deadly disease causing more than three million deaths annually worldwide.

The initiative is organized by the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease, who this year chose the theme “Breathe in the Knowledge,” to emphasizes the meaningful actions patients can take to improve their respiratory health, at any stage, even before a COPD diagnosis.

COPD is a disease that obstructs the airway in a progressive and irreversible way causing a decrease in respiratory capacity, which causes a significant loss of quality of life and, if not treated properly, can lead the patient death.

Although there is treatment for almost any stage of the disease, early diagnosis is important when you want to cure it, so it is essential to note that the disease can be detected with a simple painless test performed with a spirometer and make the population aware those attitudes such as smoking, even with the popular e-cigarettes, are extremely damaging for lungs.

COPD particularly affects older adults, as a study by the University of Melbourne has shown, suffering from this disease increases the likelihood of falls. This is why it is important to be cared and feel safe at all times and able to, in the event of a fall or an asthma attack, quickly contact emergency services, so telecare is a fantastic tool for the care of these patients.

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Neat was present at a famous European convention in France

teleasistencia-lyonNEAT along with Legrand attended the European Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing (EAHSA) Conference “Think European – Act Locally: New Business Models and Success Stories in the Provision of Care, Housing and Services for the Elderly”, held on 22nd – 23th September 2016, in Lyon, France.

The programme highlighted trends, ideas and practises throughout Europe that can be used to address local and unique challenges.

For a day and a half, 250 people from several countries participated in this event where there were a lot of interesting conferences, plus an exhibition area where NEAT & Legrand, among other multinational companies, presented solutions for assisted living, focusing on TREX solutions as a starting point.

Our participation was a big succes with several international visitors showed interest in our products.


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Neat Group hold important certifications from Microsoft and Cisco

Certificado.jpgThanks to the quality of its developments and products Neat Group has hold two important certifications, the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and  the Select Certified SMB Partner.

In March past year, Neat Group received the latest renewal as Gold Partner of Microsoft in the competition Gold Application Development. Note that the Gold rating is the highest in the Microsoft Partner Program and it is also a competition that demonstrates a recognized level of expertise in a technical area.

This recognition certainly responds to a well done development work and consolidated by Neat, which since 2009 has maintained the status of Gold Partner of Microsoft; for this, Neat Group applications have been through Microsoft tests  for getting the certification in applied technology, with satisfactory results in all cases.

Likewise, in April 2015, Neat Group obtained the renewal by the company Cisco of the  “Select Certified SMB Partner”. Select is the new certification specially designed for partners selling Cisco solutions to SMEs. It also includes a number of benefits developed exclusively for certified partners.

This certification confirms the quality of the products that Neat offers to its customers, since Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking technology, such as switchers, routers, IP phones, servers, etc.

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The presence sensor of Neat Group

  • This device has a sensor that deactivates the alarm while the nurse assists the resident.
  • In a case of emergency, health professionals can send assistance alarms through this device.


In order to help healthcare institutions to manage more efficiently the alarms launched by motion sensors, Neat Group has market a presence sensor in bed with innovative features that prevents service managers from receiving false alarms and allows the nurse to ask for help if the patient has a contingency.

This sensor is used in patients who, for their health, physical or intellectual, must remain in bed for long periods. It is also ideal for managing the care of residents during the night shifts.

Conventional devices, based on motion sensors to trigger alarms are designed to detect the presence of, not only the patient, but also anyone who comes into their range, which, each time a professional health enters the room to asist the resident, the alarm is released, alerting service managers who cannot immediately identify if it is a patient who has left the bed and need help or a false alarm caused by the presence of a nurse.

Our presence sensor allows the health professional to temporarily disable the system performance while attending the patient in his room and rehabilitate it as he leaves the room.

This device is not the traditional bed sensor that is placed under the mattress of the patient, but is a modern bed occupancy sensor consists of three components with innovative features: a motion detector, a device with three colored buttons green, red and yellow and the alarm receiver.

The motion detector is placed in a strategic position in the room, such as under the bed and when someone comes into its range, it sends a motion alarm; the alarm receiver -a mobile device carried by the managers of the service- identifies from which room the alarm has been sent, either motion, and assistance; the third element is the device with three buttons, placed on the wall of the room -usually in the doorway- and allows the nurse  to activate and deactivate the system.

The red button of the device also provides important functionality, when pushed, the health professional may issue an alarm for assistance to their partners, if the resident experiences an emergency, such as a fall.

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