REPO + II, the most powerful and reliable radio repeater

REPO+ IIREPO+ II is a unit designed to expand the coverage of Neat RF devices in residential care environments. When a signal from a radio transmitter is received, it is forwarded by REPO+ II with a higher output power level.

According to Manuel Tamames (product manager of REPO + II), ““The main improvements with respect to the traditional REPO + is that it is a messaging transmission system with greater stability and robustness, which means greater quality in alarms transmission. In this way, the whole system becomes more reliable and secure”.

This device guarantees that all alarms reach their destination without any limitation regarding the size of the center, structures and materials used. Its coverage  is 2.5 km in free-field conditions and has a self-rechargeable battery that comes into operation when there is a power outage, in this way it is possible to guarantee the continuity of the service for up to 72 hours.

REPO + II is part of our TREX 2G system that offers solutions such as wandering system, patient-nurse call system, access control and panic button to care centers and nursing homes.

Like all our solutions, TREX 2G aims to locate the user as the core of the services.


  • Easy installation
  • Backup battery
  • Power failure alarm
  • Regular test alarm
  • Frequency for social alarms
  • Transmission range up to 2.5 km in free-field conditions
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Digital ecosystem, infinite possibilities

The transition from the analogue to the digital world offers a great challenge to technology companies and service providers: they must be able to offer a powerful and secure platform that supports socio-health products and services.

In its constant commitment to innovation, Neat has not hesitated to respond to this challenge and has therefore developed a digital ecosystem based on the cloud. This ecosystem integrates the digital devices of homes, residential centers and service centers with other systems and services such as monitoring centers, mobile applications, web portals and information management solutions.

Likewise, digital transformation, as a disruptive process, has given Neat the opportunity to reconstruct its strategies and to create completely renewed service models, adapted to people and current and future needs.

Sin título-2

Advantages of digital technology:

  • Always connected, greater security
  • Management of a large volume of data
  • Access to information at any time and in any place
  • Monitoring and analysis of daily routines in real time
  • Cost optimization
  • Platform interoperability
  • Easy and fast installation
  • More time for attention
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Neat installs its technology in Ibiza, Spain



With the aim of modernizing its care services, having effective technology and increasing the quality of life of residents, Can Blai care center has decided to deploy Neat Assisted Living solutions in its facilities.

The technological project consisted of the installation of a wireless advanced messaging system D-SERVER + D-TREX. To carry out the project, Neat devices were installed in rooms, bathrooms and common areas.

In addition, the D-SERVER application was installed on the host computer where the D ‐ TECT IP units were connected through a network structure. Similarly, care professionals were equipped with mobile alarm receivers, D-TREX 2G.

Can Blai care center, located in the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands, in Spain, has 84 rooms distributed in 10 double rooms and 74 single rooms, all with adapted bathrooms. These rooms are distributed over three floors.

This care center offers the services of residential stay with overnight services, medical and assistance services, occupational therapy, sociocultural animation, psychologist, physiotherapist, among other services.


Can Blay care center in Ibiza

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D-CALL II, designed for establishing communication between users and professionals in residential care centers

D-CALL II is a nurse call system that allows patients in healthcare centers to communicate from their room or common areas with professionals through a voice call. D-CALL II is recommended for both, nursing homes and hospitals, and even sheltered homes.


How does it work?

The user can trigger an alarm by pressing any of the alarm devices such as bathroom pull devices or call buttons. Furthermore, the alarm can be initiated automatically thanks to any of the sensors such as smoke and gas detectors or door and window sensors.

When the alarm has been launched, a sequence of calls to pre-programmed telephones is initiated. This ensures the professionals will answer the call because, if the first telephone has not been able to answer the call, it will jump to the next number and so on until it is answered.

When one of the telephones answers the call, a voice conversation is initiated with the patient through the call terminal installed in the room. The power of the D-CALL II speaker and the sensitivity of its microphone have been designed to provide the user with a high quality audio experience, which results in a more efficient service.


D-CALL II is an easy installation system since it does not require wiring or works. In addition, it facilitates the mobility of professionals throughout the center since calls are received on wireless phones. Likewise, it has other advantages that make it extremely interesting for centers such as data encryption and long battery life.

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Alarm View Point, the innovative alarm viewer

Neat Group presents its new software for healthcare centers. An innovative alarm display that simplifies the work of professionals and improves care response times.

Alarm View Point 2Alarm View Point is an application designed to show the states through which an alarm passes after being triggered by the user until a professional attends to it. The information can be displayed on different devices such as on a PC, a Tablet or a LED Display in care environments such as nursing homes, hospitals, etc. This solution works in an integrated way with the alarm management systems D-SERVER and D-TECT Alarm.

In order to optimize the management of alarms and their efficient distribution, this application makes it possible to create groups of devices, (for example, floor 1, floor 2, etc.) taking into account whether it is an assistance alarm, such as user alarms, or if it is a technical alarm, such as maintenance alarms.

How does it work?

When a user triggers an alarm, the information will be displayed on two systems; the mobile devices carried by professionals (TREX) and the viewer on which all alarms appear with information on who has sent the alarm, from where it has been released and from what device (shooter bath, room button, smoke detector, etc.).

The information shown on the viewer can be configured to follow the evolution of the alarm according to a colour pattern. Thus, in its standard configuration, when an alarm is released, the information will appear white on the display; When one of the professionals accepts the alarm on their TREX devices, the information will change into green; When the professional is present in the room, it will appear in yellow and, finally, when the performance is over, the alarm will disappear from the viewer. In addition, emergency alarms, such as a smoke alarm, will be displayed in red and will have a priority position in the viewfinder.

Moreover, in this version, the alarm information can be represented in the form of a blueprint, which facilitates its visualization by professionals.


Alarm View Point allows custom groups configuration that can be easily performed. In addition, it is possible to add specific locations and specific alarm types for each group. The colours and sounds of the information can be configured to determine the degree of emergency for each alarm.

The information is shown with such clarity that allows a much faster user care.

The Alarm View Point installation is simple and works in an integrated way with the D-SERVER and D-TECT ALARM. At the same time, to ensure the security of the application, all alarm information is encrypted.

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Neat carries out a successful technological project in India

The company Gagan Nulife, based in Kamshet, India has relied on Neat technology to improve its alarm management and provide greater freedom of movement and better attention to its residents.

Gagan Nulife has five buildings of ten floors. The technological deployment carried out by Neat in Gagan Nulife’s facilities has been divided into phases, in the first phase our solutions have been installed in two buildings that include 280 apartments.

The D-SERVER System and the D-POS System have been installed in both buildings. Now, each apartment has a nurse call system that allows residents to request help immediately from their rooms, common areas and bathrooms.

The installation of the D-SERVER system is centralized, allowing intelligent distribution and management of alarms.

Nulife believes in delivering every service with utmost care and responsibility. Therefore, when it comes to medical services and residential assistance to elder seniors, they entrust it to best of professionals from relevant fields. Thanks to this philosophy, Nulife is highly satisfied with Neat’s solutions and will soon continue with the next phases of this great technological project in order to cover the whole center.

Nurse call systems India.jpg

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Tips to help the elderly stay safe in the summer heat

heat stroke elderly

We are in summer, when weather is warmer and we all enjoy of the sunny days, but sometimes the heat can be dangerous for people vulnerable to overheating. Heat strokes can be serious for some people if the proper precautions are not taken.

People who are over 75, people who have pre-existing condition, people with mobility issues and people on medication they are all vulnerable groups.

Here are some tips that aging adults can use to keep safe in summer:

  • Remember to drink water often
  • Avoid the hottest part of the day
  • Avoid alcohol and huge meals
  • Try to keep your house as cool as possible
  • Put on sunscreen and wear hats when you head out
  • Wear the right stuff like loose baggy clothes
  • Have a plan of action for getting help.

If you feel like you have been out in the sun too long, or you are just very hot and you feel dizzy, confused or shortness of breath, then get help. In these cases, it is important to know who to call to prevent medical problems from getting worse. Prepare a list of emergency phone numbers can be called to help quickly and if you fell sick and you are a telecare user, press the button on your device and ask for help.

For further information:

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