Neat has presented CMP Gold package at the fair Altenpflege 2019 in Germany

CMP GoldpaketNeat Group has participated in the international fair Altenpflege 2019 where CMP Gold package, one of the most innovative platforms in the world of digital telecare, was presented.

CMP Gold package offers gold customers great avant-garde benefits that facilitate the provision of a high-quality telecare service.

Among the most important CMP Gold package services presented in this event are the following:

  • Massive, remote and automatic update of terminals installed.
  • Monitoring of terminals in real time, which gives the possibility to act immediately when a terminal is not available. For example, if there is a network failure, CMP detects the problem and allows contacting the service provider immediately by several means, such as, through email. This guarantees the continuity of the service.
  • Smart roaming managed by the terminal itself, which allows immediate response in the event of a fall in the service of any operator by redirecting the traffic to another mobile telephony operator, making sure to choose the one with the best signal quality.

During the event, Neat placed emphasis on the three great qualities that best describe CMP (Care Management Portal): always safe, updated and reliable.

Altenpflege 2019 took place on 2, 3 and 4 April in Nuremberg. This leading trade fair was a meeting place for the international care industry, attracting 28,000 visitors to the event. Around 700 exhibitors presented innovations, products and services in the fields of Nursing & Therapy, Career & Education, IT & Management, Catering & Home Economics as well as Space & Technology.


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Neat participated in an event about telecare organized by the Spanish Red Cross

Neat has attended the Technology Conference in Telecare 2019 of the Spanish Red Cross (CRE, by its acronym in Spanish) in order to train attendees in the technical use of NOVO in the environment of CMP and its functionalities.

“In that presentation we tried to show the Red Cross technicians, who are the ones who finally install the terminals, the advantages of our Care Management Portal and NOVO,” said José Salazar, Customer Support Neat Care Cloud Manager of Neat.

During the training session, the following points were exposed:

  • NOVO Benefits
  • Configuration options
  • CMP Features
  • Advantages of using digital terminals versus analog terminals
  • Basic training in the use of CMP

In addition, a round table was held called “The digital awakening: Present and future of communications in Spain” in which technological trends were analyzed from a holistic approach. This round table was presented and moderated by Carlos Capataz, Director of Digital Technological Services of CRE.

Advanced telecare Red Cross

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Neat promoted digitalization in three significant healthcare fairs in Spain, Norway and Holland

In its commitment to promote the benefits of digitalization in the healthcare sector, Neat has participated in three of the most important healthcare fairs in Europe.

In Spain, Neat has participated in the II National Congress of Dependency Management with a talk entitled “Digitization: a highway towards a new assistance”, presented by José Manuel Carballo, Director of Sales of Neat.

During his talk, Carballo defined the digitalization from a social point of view and stressed that “social digitalization is a reality, it is simple and allows the user to remain connected, with a clear purpose: to know the user better and to establish customized services; again, the user becomes the great protagonist”.

In addition, Carballo explained that social digitalization facilitates telecare services and helps to optimize the management of residential groups, since, thanks to technology, centers managers are able to count on indicators of behaviour of their business.

The II National Congress of Dependency Management was held from 18 to 20 February in Madrid within the framework of the HIP (Hospitality Innovation Planet).

In Norway, Neat, accompanied by distributors Telenor and Phoniro, attended the exhibition called Samarbeid om velferdsteknologi Agder (Cooperation on welfare technology) on March 7 in the Agder district.

It was an exhibition for welfare technology for assisted living and independent living.  “The target group for the conference was health and care managers, managers of home care services and nursing homes, professionals in the municipalities, user organizations, ICT advisors, research environment, suppliers, and others who work with or are involved in service innovation and implementation of welfare technology in the municipalities”, Johan Stridh, Customer Support Manager of Neat, explained.

Digital Telecare 2.png

Moreover, Neat participated in this year’s Zorg & ICT exhibition (Health and ICT) in Utrecht (Holland), which is about digitally driven healthcare, with the objective of promoting its solutions of Assisted Living and Independent Living. This event took place from 12 to 14 March.

The organizers of this event describe it as “the annual highlight for up-to-date information, innovations and inspiration. It is also the ideal opportunity to exchange knowledge and network with colleagues. A visit to the exhibition is interesting for management, healthcare professionals and IT professionals”.

Digital telecare 1

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Patient-nurse call systems (II): D-SERVER + D-TREX

Sistema llamada paciente enfermeraNeat Group has developed an ideal solution for each type of residential facility, distributing the alarms in an effective and selective manner, by group, for example. D-SERVER, the smart monitor for efficient alarm management, is the most appropriate solution for the management of alarms in residential facilities.

D-TREX is an advanced wireless messaging system designed to manage the different solutions installed in a care facility using D-SERVER software.

The advanced technology featured ensures the simple management of work groups and services by time slot. In brief, it provides continuous optimization by means of the comprehensive analysis of data through online services.

The use of D-TREX guarantees the improved management of healthcare personnel´s time, as well as an enhanced service for residents due to the reduced workloads involved.

How does it work?

When D-SERVER receives an alarm, it is forwarded to the D-TREX receiver carried by the health professional anywhere in the facility in accordance with an individually configurable scenario. D-SERVER also processes parameters such as the origin and type of alarm, as well as the time of the day so as to distribute alarms in a more efficient and specific manner by group and the needs of the facility at all times.

Patient-nurse call systems

Advantages for your facility:

  • The opportunity to combine the wireless solution and the data network
  • Optimization of resources and personnel workloads through the creation of workgroups
  • Alarm management
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • D-Server management software
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Neat deploys its technology in a renowned residential care center in China

Daai city1Xianghe DaAi City, one of the largest care groups for the elderly in China, has relied on Neat assisted living solutions.

According to its website “Xianghe DaAi City provides three kinds of elderly care service, home-based elderly care, community elderly care and institution elderly care with several products such as elderly care apartment and villa with property right, for-profit elderly care apartment and apartment with nursing care. People can purchase the property right, rent the apartment or choose the service”.

Additionally, DaAi City has a 40,000m2 DaAi Academy Elderly Care Center, providing all-round elderly care service including life keeper, nutritious food matching, health management, recreation and entertainment and social contact. It is also equipped with several cultural facilities such as library for the elderly, chess and card room, handicraft room, fitness room, swimming pool and tearoom.

The aim of  the project is to provide with greater mobility and optimizing the work of care professionals. To achieve this goal, more than 700 devices have been deployed in this center, including:

DaAi City is highly satisfied with Neat´s solutions since its objectives have been met, that is why it is very interested in expanding the technological deployment of Neat products in its center.

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Our colleague María Pardo participated in the celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Mujer CienciaOn the International Day of Women and Girls in Science held on 11th February, the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) organized an event to present the study “Scientific figures 2017” with the latest data and indicators of the situation of women in the scientific profession in Spain.

The Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities, Pedro Duque, inaugurated the event during which several women explained their experiences in the scientific career. It was in these talks where our colleague María Pardo García, an electronic and industrial engineer and a master in robotics, presented the project Woman and Engineering developed by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAI). This initiative was born due to the lack of women in the field of engineering and technology, whose objective is to give visibility to the professionals of this sector and help them break their “glass ceiling” and in which Maria Pardo has participated.

Maria explained, “The objective of projects like Women and Engineering is to motivate girls and teenagers, fostering vocations and encouraging the incorporation of more women into the different professional sector related to engineering and the development of their professional career until they reach positions of responsibility”. During her speech, María said, “The TECHMI project was very special; I wanted to contribute a bit and try to teach the children that an engineering can be carried out, that with it they can help many people; this project appeals people from all walks of life with a lot of desire to change the world. These boys and girls were able to complete a project and that was the most important thing for me, although this goal may seem difficult”.

We, Neat Group workers, are very proud of having Maria working with us, who, like the rest of our women colleagues; demonstrates every day with her work that the integration of women in the scientific-technical field is not only desirable, but also very beneficial for the development of companies in our sector and society as a whole.

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Patient-nurse call systems (I): TREX

  • TREX is the basic messaging system from NEAT.
  • The user as the core of the services.

Residencias AbueloTREX is a wireless messaging solution for the management of alarms at care facilities. The wireless technology ensures rapid installation as no cable infrastructure is required.

Its wide range guarantees health professionals mobility around the facility as the alarms generated are delivered directly to the TREX unit.

In order to improve the management of the centre the system also features the D-TECT Alarm software application, designed to register all the events for subsequent analysis, showing the alarms generated by users, the people involved in the healthcare operation and response times. Moreover, it controls the technical alarms of the devices installed.

When an alarm is generated, it is delivered to the TREX unit carried by the health professional wherever he/she is in the facility. The origin of the alarm is identified on the built-in screen, enabling the employee to act immediately. The alarm delivered to the health professional will feature the care protocol established by the centre´s senior management and configured in the TREX solution.

Patient-nurse call systems

Advantages for your facility:

  • Enables the facility to operate normally during installation
  • Task control
  • User-friendly: management of the environment and care
  • Features D-TECT ALARM registry software
  • Independence from the software enabling the solution to operate correctly
  • Can be used in both healthcare and home environments
  • Small size to facilitate use
  • Control of technical alarms of the different devices installed
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