Neat installs its technology in Ibiza, Spain


With the aim of modernizing its care services, having effective technology and increasing the quality of life of residents, Can Blai care center has decided to deploy Neat Assisted Living solutions in its facilities.

The technological project consisted of the installation of a wireless advanced messaging system D-SERVER + D-TREX. To carry out the project, Neat devices were installed in rooms, bathrooms and common areas.

In addition, the D-SERVER application was installed on the host computer where the D ‐ TECT IP units were connected through a network structure. Similarly, care professionals were equipped with mobile alarm receivers, D-TREX 2G.

Can Blai care center, located in the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands, in Spain, has 84 rooms distributed in 10 double rooms and 74 single rooms, all with adapted bathrooms. These rooms are distributed over three floors.

This care center offers the services of residential stay with overnight services, medical and assistance services, occupational therapy, sociocultural animation, psychologist, physiotherapist, among other services.

Can Blay care center in Ibiza

D-CALL II, designed for establishing communication between users and professionals in residential care centers

D-CALL II is a nurse call system that allows patients in healthcare centers to communicate from their room or common areas with professionals through a voice call. D-CALL II is recommended for both, nursing homes and hospitals, and even sheltered homes.


How does it work?

The user can trigger an alarm by pressing any of the alarm devices such as bathroom pull devices or call buttons. Furthermore, the alarm can be initiated automatically thanks to any of the sensors such as smoke and gas detectors or door and window sensors.

When the alarm has been launched, a sequence of calls to pre-programmed telephones is initiated. This ensures the professionals will answer the call because, if the first telephone has not been able to answer the call, it will jump to the next number and so on until it is answered.

When one of the telephones answers the call, a voice conversation is initiated with the patient through the call terminal installed in the room. The power of the D-CALL II speaker and the sensitivity of its microphone have been designed to provide the user with a high quality audio experience, which results in a more efficient service.


D-CALL II is an easy installation system since it does not require wiring or works. In addition, it facilitates the mobility of professionals throughout the center since calls are received on wireless phones. Likewise, it has other advantages that make it extremely interesting for centers such as data encryption and long battery life.

Neat carries out a successful technological project in India

The company Gagan Nulife, based in Kamshet, India has relied on Neat technology to improve its alarm management and provide greater freedom of movement and better attention to its residents.

Gagan Nulife has five buildings of ten floors. The technological deployment carried out by Neat in Gagan Nulife’s facilities has been divided into phases, in the first phase our solutions have been installed in two buildings that include 280 apartments.

The D-SERVER System and the D-POS System have been installed in both buildings. Now, each apartment has a nurse call system that allows residents to request help immediately from their rooms, common areas and bathrooms.

The installation of the D-SERVER system is centralized, allowing intelligent distribution and management of alarms.

Nulife believes in delivering every service with utmost care and responsibility. Therefore, when it comes to medical services and residential assistance to elder seniors, they entrust it to best of professionals from relevant fields. Thanks to this philosophy, Nulife is highly satisfied with Neat’s solutions and will soon continue with the next phases of this great technological project in order to cover the whole center.

Nurse call systems India.jpg

Neat deploys its technology in a renowned residential care center in China

Daai city1Xianghe DaAi City, one of the largest care groups for the elderly in China, has relied on Neat assisted living solutions.

According to its website “Xianghe DaAi City provides three kinds of elderly care service, home-based elderly care, community elderly care and institution elderly care with several products such as elderly care apartment and villa with property right, for-profit elderly care apartment and apartment with nursing care. People can purchase the property right, rent the apartment or choose the service”.

Additionally, DaAi City has a 40,000m2 DaAi Academy Elderly Care Center, providing all-round elderly care service including life keeper, nutritious food matching, health management, recreation and entertainment and social contact. It is also equipped with several cultural facilities such as library for the elderly, chess and card room, handicraft room, fitness room, swimming pool and tearoom.

The aim of  the project is to provide with greater mobility and optimizing the work of care professionals. To achieve this goal, more than 700 devices have been deployed in this center, including:

DaAi City is highly satisfied with Neat´s solutions since its objectives have been met, that is why it is very interested in expanding the technological deployment of Neat products in its center.

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Neat deploys its technology in the residential care group Avita in Almería

Neat Group has installed its nurse call system at Ciudad de Berja nursing home located in the city of Almería (Spain) with the aim of ensuring communication between professionals and residents of this center, as well as improving the quality of care.

Ciudad de Berja nursing home is a social-health center for the elderly, who are offered comprehensive care and continuous personal, social and health services. With a total of 136 beds and 75 rooms, this nursing home is the largest and most modern residence in the west of Almería, with private and family-friendly spaces, as well as a wide range of services.

The nursing home sought to replace its old communication system with a reliable and modern voice system. In order to meet these needs, Neat carried out the installation of the following technology:

The care professionals of this center use wireless telephones to receive alarms, which are managed by the ISECO Control Center, also installed by Neat. Likewise, professionals have TREX devices, which are used as BACK UP, therefore, both communication and reception of alarms are always guaranteed. In addition, Neat installed the D-POS System to offer the Wandering Control service, thus some residents of this care center use the D-ATOM device.

This installation is just the beginning of a big installation project of three nursing homes of Avita Group.

Residencia Avita Ciudad Berja

Renew your nursing call system while the residents have breakfast

Forget about uncomfortable works, Neat’s solutions are easy to install and do not cause inconveniences to residents.

Nurse call systemMany nursing homes do not dare to renew their nurse-call systems because they are afraid of facing endless hassles such as making annoying and costly construction works, generating nasty noises and being forced to relocate the residents.

In Neat Group, we are aware of the real needs of our customers, so we offer them our reliable system, TREX. It is a wireless solution that will allow you to renew your old system in record time.

Forget about the noise, cables, workers, building materials, alter the normal operation of your care staff, paying high maintenance costs and most importantly: forget about relocating and disrupting the residents, since the installation is done so quickly that they will not be affected at any time.

In addition to a simple, agile and elegant installation, our wireless system offers you many advantages and unlimited features:

  • Wireless signal reliability.
  • Mobility: care-staff can receive alerts anywhere in the center where they work due to the portability of the system.
  • Detection of the usual calls of bed, bath, etc.
  • Alarm detection of Neat devices: wandering control, fall detectors and panic button to request help among professionals, etc.
  • A simple computer application allows the management of alarms and the generation of reports for the service  improvement.

The presence sensor of Neat Group

  • This device has a sensor that deactivates the alarm while the nurse assists the resident.
  • In a case of emergency, health professionals can send assistance alarms through this device.


In order to help healthcare institutions to manage more efficiently the alarms launched by motion sensors, Neat Group has market a presence sensor in bed with innovative features that prevents service managers from receiving false alarms and allows the nurse to ask for help if the patient has a contingency.

This sensor is used in patients who, for their health, physical or intellectual, must remain in bed for long periods. It is also ideal for managing the care of residents during the night shifts.

Conventional devices, based on motion sensors to trigger alarms are designed to detect the presence of, not only the patient, but also anyone who comes into their range, which, each time a professional health enters the room to asist the resident, the alarm is released, alerting service managers who cannot immediately identify if it is a patient who has left the bed and need help or a false alarm caused by the presence of a nurse.

Our presence sensor allows the health professional to temporarily disable the system performance while attending the patient in his room and rehabilitate it as he leaves the room.

This device is not the traditional bed sensor that is placed under the mattress of the patient, but is a modern bed occupancy sensor consists of three components with innovative features: a motion detector, a device with three colored buttons green, red and yellow and the alarm receiver.

The motion detector is placed in a strategic position in the room, such as under the bed and when someone comes into its range, it sends a motion alarm; the alarm receiver -a mobile device carried by the managers of the service- identifies from which room the alarm has been sent, either motion, and assistance; the third element is the device with three buttons, placed on the wall of the room -usually in the doorway- and allows the nurse  to activate and deactivate the system.

The red button of the device also provides important functionality, when pushed, the health professional may issue an alarm for assistance to their partners, if the resident experiences an emergency, such as a fall.

Neat launches its revolutionary digital connector D-TECT IP

Nurse call systemsA device powered over Ethernet (PoE), which optimizes the response times.

Neat, in its eagerness to constant innovation of its products and services, has launched a new device called D-TECT IP, it is a digital connector for nurse care centers that reduces the response times of caregivers, saves costs and facilitates installations.

D-TECT IP connects wireless room devices, wandering systems and other sensors and communicates with the nurse call management system D-SERVER.

D-TECT IP is fed and receives data through the Ethernet network connection, allowing the use of the local network in the nursing home or Internet to transmit and store the information; it also ensures a secure installation in the cloud.

You can connect an unlimited number of D-TECTs IP, undoubted advantage if you want to expand the system patient-nurse care and wandering system in places where it is very difficult to provide optimum coverage with traditional call systems.

Also, this system is able to eliminate geographical barriers since you can install different D-TECT-IP units in several residences and manage them from a central device located in another geographic point, either another building, another city or even another continent.

With this new digital connector you can reuse existing structures, forget about cables and deploy installations in record time.

In addition, the installer does not need special training, he/she simply needs to know how to perform network installations and ready.

With D-TECT IP, caregivers, doctors and alarm managers receive emergency alarms instantly with which the patients are assisted immediately, thus raising the quality and speed of care.

This digital connector confirms once again the Neat´s commitment to the welfare of all health actors.

dtect ip