Wandering control with D-POS system

The safest and most effective care for residents of health centers.

The wandering control system designed by Neat is an innovative wireless solution which ensures healthcare facilities become open areas in which residents can walk around freely.

The technology for the control of wanderers allows for the configuration of an unlimited number of accesses, authorizing or denying the movement of residents in accordance with their profile, thereby facilitating carers´ work by creating controlled and safe areas for residents in a simple and functional manner.

The system will always identify both the wanderer and the area he/she is attempting to access, sending an alarm to the carer´s device to enable he/she to act in a rapid and efficient manner.

The resident will wear a wristband bearing the policy for permitted and/or denied access. When a wanderer approaches a restricted area, the system will send an alarm to any receiver carried by the healthcare professional.

Advantages for your facility:

  • Enables the control of all areas regardless of their size
  • Customized configuration for each resident
  • Removal of bolts and barriers
  • Locks / unlocks entrance doors, lifts

Panic system for healthcare professionals

Botón de pánico v2
COVID-19 has brought hospital centers to the brink of collapse, thereby creating moments of tension that are very difficult for professionals to manage. For this reason, today more than ever, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of assuring professionals that they can carry out their work in a safe environment.

At Neat we have been committed for years to developing highly reliable technological systems that guarantee the safety of professionals. For example, the panic button, a system designed to avoid risk situations that health professionals may suffer.

Geared to healthcare facilities with a psychiatric profile, it enables healthcare professionals to work in a far safer manner due to the fact they can ask their colleagues for help, which undoubtedly reduces the stress working with and helping this kind of patient involves.
This system features unlimited growth, meaning the number of users, accesses and areas can be increased in accordance with the facility´s needs at any given time, whereby different levels of care can be established pursuant to the critical status of the event in question.
How does it work?
Health professionals should wear a bracelet or wristband with a button to be pressed in the event of a situation of danger or risk. The system will register all the entrances the health professional has passed through, generating the most recent position together with the push button alarm.
Advantages for your facility:
  • Compatible with all other Neat residential solutions.
  • Customized settings for each healthcare professional.
  • Easy to use and handle.

Neat’s NOVO Connected solution is being installed and configured remotely to prevent the spread of COVID-19 disease

Plug & play installation of the telecare system.

PLUG & PLAY Telecare

The coronavirus pandemic requires rapid and effective actions that help protect the safety and health of telecare users who represent one of the most vulnerable sectors of the population. Based on this need, Neat, a leading manufacturer of home emergency call systems, through its subsidiary in Germany, has responded forcefully, therefore, since the beginning of the confinement offered its clients an initiative to install the telecare service remotely, in this way, service providers are able to home-deliver the NOVO connected solution –digital telecare terminals- and start it up without having to enter the user’s home.

The installation, configuration and monitoring of the devices is carried out remotely thanks to a powerful terminal management IoT platform developed by Neat. The user only must plug the device into an electrical outlet and the installer, from a central office, ensures that the system is operational in a matter of minutes. “Installation is as simple as turning on a household appliance”, they point out from the Neat subsidiary in Germany, Furthermore, this telecare service “once connected works reliably and safely”.

This responsible advanced telecare initiative allows the massive and remote deployment of terminal in homes and is proving to be very successful since it avoids contact between the installer and the end user and thus eliminates the risk of transmission of the COVID-19.

“Neither care organizations and their employees nor participants and their families have to expose themselves to the risk of infection when configuring and installing NOVO. Neat thus offers everyone involved the maximum flexibility and the greatest possible protection of their health, even in the current situation”, they highlighted from Neat Germany.

Likewise, this NOVO plug & play scenario is helping to ensure that a large number of older people have a highly secure digital telecare system, which not only allows them to request help in an emergency, but also to feel accompanied during this stage of unwanted loneliness they are experiencing.

At Neat, we are very proud to be able to offer solutions that help in the management of the crisis of the disease COVID-19 and we commit ourselves to continue collaborating with what we have been doing for more than 30 years: offering solutions that help the most fragile one and those one who need our support the most.

D-TECT SERIAL combines greater stability when sending alarms with a smart design


D-TECT SERIAL is a device designed to bi-directionally communicate the Neat radio ecosystem with alarm management systems such as D-SERVER or D-TECT Alarm through a serial port.

D-TECT SERIAL sends the received alarms from devices like SMILE, DOOR and so on, to the central unit to be analyzed and then retransmits them to the configured destination.

According to Manuel Tamames, Product Manager of D-TECT SERIAL, “this new device maintains the same functionalities as the previous D-TECT, but offers greater system stability, which guarantees the sending of alarms in every residential center”;  it also “offers a more innovative design that integrates better with the welcoming environment that all healthcare centers aspire to offer”.

Neat integrates D-TECT SERIAL into our D-SERVER sytem, which offers solutions such as wandering system, patient-nurse call system, access control and panic button to care centers and nursing homes.

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Key features:

  • Easy installation
  • Radio transceiver
  • Powered by an AC/DC adaptor or the RS485 bus
  • Power failure alarm
  • Regular test alarm
  • Frequency for social alarms

ALMA, Assisted Living Management Application

ALMA smallALMA is a state of the art cloud based Alarm Management System leveraging zero installation for faster deployments and advanced analysis on the information.

This solution, which is marketed worldwide, is mainly intended to be used in nursing homes , hospitals and group living environments.

According to Antonio Palmero, product manager of ALMA, the solution will provide a great service to those care centers distributed in different buildings, because thanks to the use of mobile terminals, voice communications (between patients and professionals) will be improved and the coverage of the solution will be extended. These improvements enable that, having only one alarm reception center, alarms can be managed and distributed to professionals located in different parts of the center.

alma eng

The system does not require installation and guarantees a wide coverage, low maintenance costs and interoperability with other systems. ALMA offers a multi-channel communication by taking advantage of the benefits that WIFI, 3G / 4G allow in the handling of data and the advantages that GSM and VoIP offer in the communication with voice.

Additionally, it includes a mobile application with voice assistance service that allows carrying out an intelligent attention to alarms in any place and at any time.

By using NFC tags and/or BT beacons operations such as presence / ready, location and door opening can be performed.

REPO + II, the most powerful and reliable radio repeater

REPO+ IIREPO+ II is a unit designed to expand the coverage of Neat RF devices in residential care environments. When a signal from a radio transmitter is received, it is forwarded by REPO+ II with a higher output power level.

According to Manuel Tamames (product manager of REPO + II), ““The main improvements with respect to the traditional REPO + is that it is a messaging transmission system with greater stability and robustness, which means greater quality in alarms transmission. In this way, the whole system becomes more reliable and secure”.

This device guarantees that all alarms reach their destination without any limitation regarding the size of the center, structures and materials used. Its coverage  is 2.5 km in free-field conditions and has a self-rechargeable battery that comes into operation when there is a power outage, in this way it is possible to guarantee the continuity of the service for up to 72 hours.

REPO + II is part of our TREX 2G system that offers solutions such as wandering system, patient-nurse call system, access control and panic button to care centers and nursing homes.

Like all our solutions, TREX 2G aims to locate the user as the core of the services.


  • Easy installation
  • Backup battery
  • Power failure alarm
  • Regular test alarm
  • Frequency for social alarms
  • Transmission range up to 2.5 km in free-field conditions

Digital ecosystem, infinite possibilities

The transition from the analogue to the digital world offers a great challenge to technology companies and service providers: they must be able to offer a powerful and secure platform that supports socio-health products and services.

In its constant commitment to innovation, Neat has not hesitated to respond to this challenge and has therefore developed a digital ecosystem based on the cloud. This ecosystem integrates the digital devices of homes, residential centers and service centers with other systems and services such as monitoring centers, mobile applications, web portals and information management solutions.

Likewise, digital transformation, as a disruptive process, has given Neat the opportunity to reconstruct its strategies and to create completely renewed service models, adapted to people and current and future needs.

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Advantages of digital technology:

  • Always connected, greater security
  • Management of a large volume of data
  • Access to information at any time and in any place
  • Monitoring and analysis of daily routines in real time
  • Cost optimization
  • Platform interoperability
  • Easy and fast installation
  • More time for attention

D-CALL II, designed for establishing communication between users and professionals in residential care centers

D-CALL II is a nurse call system that allows patients in healthcare centers to communicate from their room or common areas with professionals through a voice call. D-CALL II is recommended for both, nursing homes and hospitals, and even sheltered homes.


How does it work?

The user can trigger an alarm by pressing any of the alarm devices such as bathroom pull devices or call buttons. Furthermore, the alarm can be initiated automatically thanks to any of the sensors such as smoke and gas detectors or door and window sensors.

When the alarm has been launched, a sequence of calls to pre-programmed telephones is initiated. This ensures the professionals will answer the call because, if the first telephone has not been able to answer the call, it will jump to the next number and so on until it is answered.

When one of the telephones answers the call, a voice conversation is initiated with the patient through the call terminal installed in the room. The power of the D-CALL II speaker and the sensitivity of its microphone have been designed to provide the user with a high quality audio experience, which results in a more efficient service.


D-CALL II is an easy installation system since it does not require wiring or works. In addition, it facilitates the mobility of professionals throughout the center since calls are received on wireless phones. Likewise, it has other advantages that make it extremely interesting for centers such as data encryption and long battery life.

Alarm View Point, the innovative alarm viewer

Neat Group presents its new software for healthcare centers. An innovative alarm display that simplifies the work of professionals and improves care response times.

Alarm View Point 2Alarm View Point is an application designed to show the states through which an alarm passes after being triggered by the user until a professional attends to it. The information can be displayed on different devices such as on a PC, a Tablet or a LED Display in care environments such as nursing homes, hospitals, etc. This solution works in an integrated way with the alarm management systems D-SERVER and D-TECT Alarm.

In order to optimize the management of alarms and their efficient distribution, this application makes it possible to create groups of devices, (for example, floor 1, floor 2, etc.) taking into account whether it is an assistance alarm, such as user alarms, or if it is a technical alarm, such as maintenance alarms.

How does it work?

When a user triggers an alarm, the information will be displayed on two systems; the mobile devices carried by professionals (TREX) and the viewer on which all alarms appear with information on who has sent the alarm, from where it has been released and from what device (shooter bath, room button, smoke detector, etc.).

The information shown on the viewer can be configured to follow the evolution of the alarm according to a colour pattern. Thus, in its standard configuration, when an alarm is released, the information will appear white on the display; When one of the professionals accepts the alarm on their TREX devices, the information will change into green; When the professional is present in the room, it will appear in yellow and, finally, when the performance is over, the alarm will disappear from the viewer. In addition, emergency alarms, such as a smoke alarm, will be displayed in red and will have a priority position in the viewfinder.

Moreover, in this version, the alarm information can be represented in the form of a blueprint, which facilitates its visualization by professionals.


Alarm View Point allows custom groups configuration that can be easily performed. In addition, it is possible to add specific locations and specific alarm types for each group. The colours and sounds of the information can be configured to determine the degree of emergency for each alarm.

The information is shown with such clarity that allows a much faster user care.

The Alarm View Point installation is simple and works in an integrated way with the D-SERVER and D-TECT ALARM. At the same time, to ensure the security of the application, all alarm information is encrypted.

Patient-nurse call systems (III): D-SERVER + D-CALL II

Patient-nurse call systems

The voice system in which the new D-CALL II is integrated is a software development designed for healthcare facilities. It is installed using a solution based on D-SERVER management software.

D-SERVER is capable of generating communications via voice and/or messaging between the resident and the healthcare professionals via the wireless telephone system installed in the facility. This, in turn, provides direct interaction between the aforementioned telephone system and the management software.

Furthermore, D-SERVER is designed to facilitate different functions such as voice connector, advanced messaging via the centre´s telephone system, as well as the recording of calls which have been preset for such.

To summarise, D-SERVER provides continuous optimization through the complete analysis of data and features simple automatic updates through online services and updates, thereby providing a better service due to the reduced workloads of personnel.

How it works

When D-SERVER receives an alarm, it is forwarded to the DECT telephone system via message and call anywhere in the facility, opening a two-way communication between the voice terminal and the health professional thanks to the connection with the existing telephone exchange, thereby ensuring immediate action in accordance with the resident’s needs. All the events registered in relation to the procedure can be analysed afterwards for the management of the same.


Advantages for your facility:

  • Voice communication
  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive management of the environment
  • Alarm management
  • Control of technical alarms of the different devices installed
  • Adaptation to the facility´s telephone system
  • Specific management software