SAD Optimizer, intelligent management of Home Care Services

A cloud application that increases productivity.

Home Care ServicesAn intelligent management of Home Care Services is essential to ensure that the user in a situation of dependency, vulnerability or risk receives personalized attention in an efficient manner.

In its continuous development of innovative solutions, Neat has designed a web tool called SAD Optimizer, which facilitates the management of service providers allowing the creation of work schedules based on the availability of time, determining the workload of the assistant and knowing the distance between the address of the user and the location of the assistant.

Service providers do not need to have any previous infrastructure just connect to SAD Optimizer and it´s done. In addition, the costs are predictable and are managed according to the number of users.


SAD Optimizer application allows managing services in mobility since the assistant has the work plan in his/her own mobile device and actively participates in the service.

To reinforce the efficiency and timeliness of Home Care Services, SAD Optimizer relies on the mobile application SAD Presence from Neat, developed to register the entry and exit of the assistants.

Home Care Service


  • Work schedule: creation of work schedules in a simple and intuitive way.
  • Availability: it informs about the available hours of the auxiliaries, takes into account the holidays and guarantees the fairness in the hourly distribution.
  • Transport: it calculates the costs of moving the auxiliary automatically and optimizes the distances.
  • Integration: Solution ready to be integrated with any billing system managed by the service provider.
  • Billing: it generates reports of the tasks performed and billing reports.
  • Productivity and monitoring: it communicates to the managers of the service about the level of productivity of each assistant and provides them with indicators on human resources, time and tasks