Neat participated in a very enriching virtual meeting on innovative residential technology

Neat has been part of the webinar entitled Innovative technology for residential care centres organized by Infogeriatría on June 22.

The purpose of this meeting was focused on analyzing and debating the need for technological investment in the post-covid scenario, the need for strategic alliances and integrable and interoperable technologies that allow providing a comprehensive care to residents.

In this forum, in addition to Neat, Iseco and everis were present. Three companies that have joined forces and are complementary in the market with the aim of presenting solutions that are integrated with each other in order to meet the real needs of the centres.

Gonzalo Castellanos, commercial director of Neat for southern Europe and America, focused his presentation on the relevance of innovation in residential centres, highlighting that “innovation is an investment in the future” and explaining that “innovative technologies are the tools to be more competitive, improve the quality of what each company contributes to society, optimize resources and reduce costs ”.

For his part, Vicente Collado, director of the HealthCare area at ISECO, spoke about the digitalization of residential care centres and showed that “technology is capable of giving us security, improving comfort and increasing communications, something that we have been missing in residential care centres during the toughest months of the pandemic”.

Collado also stressed that the most important reason for digitalizing a care centre is “to gain time to improve the quality of care.” A care professional “should not waste time on trivial things like writing down the number of a room on a piece of paper or going to the nursing station to transcribe a piece of paper, because this is already done by a system by itself; that time saved can be used to hold the hand of an older man, help him to have a teleconference with his son or to talk with him for a while…”.

Antonio García Parada, Manager Health & Social Care at everis, presented the third talk on social convergence. Parada explained that after the pandemic, different aspects of the healthcare field will be accelerated, such as the person-cantered care model and social and healthcare convergence. In this regard, Parada insisted that social care and health care “are going to be integrated, and not only coordinated, to provide adequate care for each resident.”

On this matter, Castellanos stated that “one of the main objectives of integrating solutions is to offer residents and care professionals a 360-degree care.”

The moderator of the event was José Henríquez Navarro, director of Infoedita. 

In the following video you can re-watch the webinar in its original Spanish language:

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