Neat Sweden took on the challenge of being more physically active and ranked 14th out of 298 organizations

Team spirit and a more active lifestyle

NEAT Sweden has together with 297 other organizations during the pandemic participated in an activity challenge to encourage all employees to work out and be more physical active in general. 

The challenge was to take more than 10,000 steps per day in average from 24 September – 5 November (43 days). Also, other activities were counted and converted into steps. 17 employees accepted the challenge and 13 finished with more than 10.000 steps per day. 

The average of the 17 employees was 16,305 steps/day which put them on 14th position of the 298 organizations! 5 of the 13 employees that finished were randomly selected and did receive a gift voucher.

“I think, when we during the pandemic work from home, that the risk is even higher that we get stuck into a sedentary lifestyle. By participating in the challenge, we tried to change this in NEAT in a way that also could give us a better team spirit. I am really impressed by the result and I honestly didn’t know how competitive and tireless co-workers we have. But I am most delighted by the fact that the challenge did change the habits of several persons to a more active lifestyle. I hope this will be persistent also after the challenge,” Ulrik Lundberg, Head of R&D at Neat, noted.

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