Neat at the forefront in the digitalization of telecare services

Plug & Play telecare

The health crisis that both Spain and the world are experiencing requires assistive technology manufacturing companies to take a step forward quickly and forcefully in order to offer telecare service providers professional solutions that protect health and safety of the most vulnerable sector of the population, our elders.
Neat has responded to this need with a next-generation solution, its Plug & Play Advanced Digital Telecare System.
The installation, configuration and monitoring of digital telecare terminals is carried out remotely thanks to a powerful IoT (Internet of Things) terminal management platform developed by Neat. The user only must plug the device into an electrical outlet and the installer, from a central office, ensures that the system is operational in a matter of minutes.

This responsible advanced telecare initiative allows the massive and remote deployment of terminals in homes and is proving to be very successful in promoting zero contact, since it prevents the installer and the end user from physically coinciding, which completely eliminates the risk of transmission of COVID-19.
In addition to the essential advantages of protecting the health and safety of the user, this advanced digital system breaks with the paradigm of traditional social care and opens up a world of possibilities, becoming the ideal highway to offer advanced services, such as analysis of user habits in real time and the prediction of behaviour patterns to design individualized care plans, the creation of connected homes through sensors, push buttons, home automation, location devices, fall detectors, etc. and prevention and monitoring chronic diseases through the integration of telemedicine systems that monitor vital signs.
In this same sense, it should be noted that this type of technology collaborates in the provision of inclusive services by allowing care to be taken to more people and to isolated places.
However, above all the benefits that Neat’s Advanced Digital Telecare Plug & Play System is capable of offering, there is the most relevant of all: the fact that this technology favours placing people at the centre of the care facilitating providing users with a comprehensive model of social and health services that includes an emotional monitoring service aimed at mitigating the unwanted loneliness that elderly people suffer to a greater extent, especially in circumstances of confinement.
Neat technology is a specialist in helping its clients in creating the ideal conditions for the elderly, so that they can meet their real needs: to live in peace, security and autonomy for much longer in their own homes.
Neat is an open and innovative company, adapted to the new digital standards, therefore, the Plug & Play System for advanced digital telecare is a modern, efficient solution, guaranteeing safety. The system uses the Social Care Alarm Internet Protocol, SCAIP. This Scandinavian protocol is designed to work with digital communication infrastructures and was implemented to provide greater security, reliability and control when sending information in the social and healthcare sector.
Thanks to the high level of satisfaction of service providers and users with digital technology, Neat has become a benchmark both in Spain and internationally. Today, more than 150,000 Neat digital terminals have already been deployed around the world and the number is growing daily.

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