Neat participated in a virtual meeting called “Digital technologies in nursing homes”

ADD Informática held a webinar in which it convened a group of specialists in the sector to discuss technology and digitalization in nursing homes. The purpose of the event was to join efforts to find residential technological solutions that improve the lives of older people.

The main presentation of the event was given by Robinson Cuadros, geriatrician and president of the Colombian Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics. Cuadros is one of the leading representatives of geriatric medicine in Colombia and during his talk he showed how new technologies can improve and facilitate management in senior centres.

Also, as a special guest, was attended by Juan Rojas, a Neat client and director of the nursing home Calucé in Colombia, who shared his experience and the peculiar way of managing the nursing home he runs. This nursing home is a pioneer in caring for people respecting their previous personal environment, since this care centre allows residents, for example, to take their pets, furniture and any other belongings of sentimental value to the nursing home.

Likewise, Rojas insisted on the importance of investing in a technology not only aimed at the elderly, but also at the caregiver in order to reinforce both the quality of care and user satisfaction.

Roberto Tortorella, head of sales in Latin America at Neat, participated in the debate, making clear the differences between investment and spending on technology. “An investment has a return over time and an expense is a exchange of money for a service at a certain time,” Tortorella highlighted.

Furthermore, Tortorella commented that “before the investment was made in the construction improvements of the residential buildings, now, the investment is focused on technology since service providers have proven that it is the perfect ally in the care of older people, in addition to recognizing the essential role it has played in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. ”

More than 60 professionals of healthcare sector attended this event.

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