Panic system for healthcare professionals

Botón de pánico v2
COVID-19 has brought hospital centers to the brink of collapse, thereby creating moments of tension that are very difficult for professionals to manage. For this reason, today more than ever, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of assuring professionals that they can carry out their work in a safe environment.

At Neat we have been committed for years to developing highly reliable technological systems that guarantee the safety of professionals. For example, the panic button, a system designed to avoid risk situations that health professionals may suffer.

Geared to healthcare facilities with a psychiatric profile, it enables healthcare professionals to work in a far safer manner due to the fact they can ask their colleagues for help, which undoubtedly reduces the stress working with and helping this kind of patient involves.
This system features unlimited growth, meaning the number of users, accesses and areas can be increased in accordance with the facility´s needs at any given time, whereby different levels of care can be established pursuant to the critical status of the event in question.
How does it work?
Health professionals should wear a bracelet or wristband with a button to be pressed in the event of a situation of danger or risk. The system will register all the entrances the health professional has passed through, generating the most recent position together with the push button alarm.
Advantages for your facility:
  • Compatible with all other Neat residential solutions.
  • Customized settings for each healthcare professional.
  • Easy to use and handle.

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