Advanced telecare, the most effective and risk-free tool to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

Remote installation of telecare equipment in homes.

Telecare covid-19

As part of the efforts to combat the spread of the COVID-19 disease, while safeguarding the safety and health of the elderly, Neat has started the installation and configuration of advanced telecare terminals remotely in the users´ homes.

Since this technology can be activated remotely, it is not necessary for an installer to access the home of the elderly person. The equipment is sent by courier service and the only requirement is that the user connects the equipment to the electrical network and once this is done, the installer, from a central office, ensures that the system is operational in a matter of minutes.

At this time of health crisis, it is essential that all elderly people have a highly secure telecare system that allows them to request and receive help immediately.

The usefulness of technology, today more than ever, is evident. In this sense, Arturo Pérez Kramer, General Director of Neat, stressed that “advanced telecare facilitates the remote and massive deployment of equipment in homes, avoiding contagions and unnecessary transfers” and without endangering the health and life of users. Likewise, it is pertinent to highlight the importance of «promoting a service, not only of traditional assistance, but of emotional telemonitoring that helps to mitigate the unwanted loneliness that mainly elderly people suffer, especially in these circumstances of confinement, ” he noted.

The current times of health contingency require us to act quickly and responsibly to give effective responses to the urgent needs of the groups that are most vulnerable: the elderly and health personnel.

At Neat, from our position, we will keep contributing by doing what we have known for more than 30 years: offering solutions that help the most fragile and those ones who need our support the most.

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