Legrand deploys the Neat brand wireless patient-nurse call solution at the Príncipe de Viana Hospital in Pamplona to support the management of the pandemic

acceso frontal principe de Viana_3 (003)In order to welcome a greater number of patients with COVID-19 symptoms, the Príncipe de Viana Hospital in Pamplona has set up four wings for outpatient consultations. This temporary location has been equipped with Neat’s wireless patient-nurse call system so that the workflow can be organized more efficiently, and people receive higher quality care.

The technological deployment at the Príncipe de Viana Hospital was carried out through Legrand’s distribution channels. Likewise, it should be noted that this deployment was carried out in record time.

The system is completely wireless and consists of push buttons for patients and call receivers for professionals. The patient only must press a button to request help. In addition, since the receivers are portable, professionals are fully mobile and can receive the patient’s call at any point in the healthcare facility where they are located.

According to the statements published in different Spanish media, the Department of Health has stated that the Health System of Navarra is “in a constant process of adaptation and reorganization of its activity and of material and human resources to face the epidemic of coronavirus. »

We are very proud to be able to accompany the health personnel of the Príncipe de Viana Hospital in Pamplona in managing the crisis of the disease COVID-19 and we commit ourselves to continue collaborating with what we have been doing for more than 30 years: offering solutions that help the most fragile and those ones who need our support the most.Teleasistencia-TREX

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