Neat participated in the National Dependency and Health Congress

HIPNeat was present at the National Dependency and Health Congress organized by Alimarket, and developed at IFEMA (Madrid) on February 24, 25 and 26, 2020, within the framework of the Horeca HIP innovation fair.

During the three days of the congress, there have been 17 presentations and two round tables starring the main professionals of the sector in Spain. Our Southern Europe Sales Manager, José Manuel Carballo, gave a presentation entitled Connected centers, a new model of attention in which he presented the value of connected technology in the social and healthcare world and the multiple advantages that this new paradigm offers.

In this regard, Carballo stressed that “the massive data processing, Big Data, makes it possible to trace habits and trends which will allow us to know better where the improvement of services is potential” and therefore collaborate in increasing security and quality of life of people. “The well-used data processing is shown as a disruptive technology,” he said.

In addition, Carballo has presented a Neat success story, which combines technology and the best geriatric assistance. The company has launched a solution, with the highest technology, in ten nursing homes in Madrid, to better control these spaces and prevent residents from leaving the centers without supervision.

The congress also featured an exhibition area in which Neat exhibited its Assisted Living and Independent Living solutions, emphasizing the ALMA solution.

The event, which has already positioned itself as the benchmark of the dependency service sector in Spain, has brought together more than 600 professionals, representing the main companies in the sector, which allowed Neat to establish contacts with relevant agents of the social and healthcare world.

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