ALMA, Assisted Living Management Application

ALMA smallALMA is a state of the art cloud based Alarm Management System leveraging zero installation for faster deployments and advanced analysis on the information.

This solution, which is marketed worldwide, is mainly intended to be used in nursing homes , hospitals and group living environments.

According to Antonio Palmero, product manager of ALMA, the solution will provide a great service to those care centers distributed in different buildings, because thanks to the use of mobile terminals, voice communications (between patients and professionals) will be improved and the coverage of the solution will be extended. These improvements enable that, having only one alarm reception center, alarms can be managed and distributed to professionals located in different parts of the center.

alma eng

The system does not require installation and guarantees a wide coverage, low maintenance costs and interoperability with other systems. ALMA offers a multi-channel communication by taking advantage of the benefits that WIFI, 3G / 4G allow in the handling of data and the advantages that GSM and VoIP offer in the communication with voice.

Additionally, it includes a mobile application with voice assistance service that allows carrying out an intelligent attention to alarms in any place and at any time.

By using NFC tags and/or BT beacons operations such as presence / ready, location and door opening can be performed.

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