Digital ecosystem, infinite possibilities

The transition from the analogue to the digital world offers a great challenge to technology companies and service providers: they must be able to offer a powerful and secure platform that supports socio-health products and services.

In its constant commitment to innovation, Neat has not hesitated to respond to this challenge and has therefore developed a digital ecosystem based on the cloud. This ecosystem integrates the digital devices of homes, residential centers and service centers with other systems and services such as monitoring centers, mobile applications, web portals and information management solutions.

Likewise, digital transformation, as a disruptive process, has given Neat the opportunity to reconstruct its strategies and to create completely renewed service models, adapted to people and current and future needs.

Sin título-2

Advantages of digital technology:

  • Always connected, greater security
  • Management of a large volume of data
  • Access to information at any time and in any place
  • Monitoring and analysis of daily routines in real time
  • Cost optimization
  • Platform interoperability
  • Easy and fast installation
  • More time for attention
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