Alarm View Point, the innovative alarm viewer

Neat Group presents its new software for healthcare centers. An innovative alarm display that simplifies the work of professionals and improves care response times.

Alarm View Point 2Alarm View Point is an application designed to show the states through which an alarm passes after being triggered by the user until a professional attends to it. The information can be displayed on different devices such as on a PC, a Tablet or a LED Display in care environments such as nursing homes, hospitals, etc. This solution works in an integrated way with the alarm management systems D-SERVER and D-TECT Alarm.

In order to optimize the management of alarms and their efficient distribution, this application makes it possible to create groups of devices, (for example, floor 1, floor 2, etc.) taking into account whether it is an assistance alarm, such as user alarms, or if it is a technical alarm, such as maintenance alarms.

How does it work?

When a user triggers an alarm, the information will be displayed on two systems; the mobile devices carried by professionals (TREX) and the viewer on which all alarms appear with information on who has sent the alarm, from where it has been released and from what device (shooter bath, room button, smoke detector, etc.).

The information shown on the viewer can be configured to follow the evolution of the alarm according to a colour pattern. Thus, in its standard configuration, when an alarm is released, the information will appear white on the display; When one of the professionals accepts the alarm on their TREX devices, the information will change into green; When the professional is present in the room, it will appear in yellow and, finally, when the performance is over, the alarm will disappear from the viewer. In addition, emergency alarms, such as a smoke alarm, will be displayed in red and will have a priority position in the viewfinder.

Moreover, in this version, the alarm information can be represented in the form of a blueprint, which facilitates its visualization by professionals.


Alarm View Point allows custom groups configuration that can be easily performed. In addition, it is possible to add specific locations and specific alarm types for each group. The colours and sounds of the information can be configured to determine the degree of emergency for each alarm.

The information is shown with such clarity that allows a much faster user care.

The Alarm View Point installation is simple and works in an integrated way with the D-SERVER and D-TECT ALARM. At the same time, to ensure the security of the application, all alarm information is encrypted.

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