Patient-nurse call systems (III): D-SERVER + D-CALL II

Patient-nurse call systems

The voice system in which the new D-CALL II is integrated is a software development designed for healthcare facilities. It is installed using a solution based on D-SERVER management software.

D-SERVER is capable of generating communications via voice and/or messaging between the resident and the healthcare professionals via the wireless telephone system installed in the facility. This, in turn, provides direct interaction between the aforementioned telephone system and the management software.

Furthermore, D-SERVER is designed to facilitate different functions such as voice connector, advanced messaging via the centre´s telephone system, as well as the recording of calls which have been preset for such.

To summarise, D-SERVER provides continuous optimization through the complete analysis of data and features simple automatic updates through online services and updates, thereby providing a better service due to the reduced workloads of personnel.

How it works

When D-SERVER receives an alarm, it is forwarded to the DECT telephone system via message and call anywhere in the facility, opening a two-way communication between the voice terminal and the health professional thanks to the connection with the existing telephone exchange, thereby ensuring immediate action in accordance with the resident’s needs. All the events registered in relation to the procedure can be analysed afterwards for the management of the same.


Advantages for your facility:

  • Voice communication
  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive management of the environment
  • Alarm management
  • Control of technical alarms of the different devices installed
  • Adaptation to the facility´s telephone system
  • Specific management software
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