Neat has presented CMP Gold package at the fair Altenpflege 2019 in Germany

CMP GoldpaketNeat Group has participated in the international fair Altenpflege 2019 where CMP Gold package, one of the most innovative platforms in the world of digital telecare, was presented.

CMP Gold package offers gold customers great avant-garde benefits that facilitate the provision of a high-quality telecare service.

Among the most important CMP Gold package services presented in this event are the following:

  • Massive, remote and automatic update of terminals installed.
  • Monitoring of terminals in real time, which gives the possibility to act immediately when a terminal is not available. For example, if there is a network failure, CMP detects the problem and allows contacting the service provider immediately by several means, such as, through email. This guarantees the continuity of the service.
  • Smart roaming managed by the terminal itself, which allows immediate response in the event of a fall in the service of any operator by redirecting the traffic to another mobile telephony operator, making sure to choose the one with the best signal quality.

During the event, Neat placed emphasis on the three great qualities that best describe CMP (Care Management Portal): always safe, updated and reliable.

Altenpflege 2019 took place on 2, 3 and 4 April in Nuremberg. This leading trade fair was a meeting place for the international care industry, attracting 28,000 visitors to the event. Around 700 exhibitors presented innovations, products and services in the fields of Nursing & Therapy, Career & Education, IT & Management, Catering & Home Economics as well as Space & Technology.


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