Neat promoted digitalization in three significant healthcare fairs in Spain, Norway and Holland

In its commitment to promote the benefits of digitalization in the healthcare sector, Neat has participated in three of the most important healthcare fairs in Europe.

In Spain, Neat has participated in the II National Congress of Dependency Management with a talk entitled “Digitization: a highway towards a new assistance”, presented by José Manuel Carballo, Director of Sales of Neat.

During his talk, Carballo defined the digitalization from a social point of view and stressed that “social digitalization is a reality, it is simple and allows the user to remain connected, with a clear purpose: to know the user better and to establish customized services; again, the user becomes the great protagonist”.

In addition, Carballo explained that social digitalization facilitates telecare services and helps to optimize the management of residential groups, since, thanks to technology, centers managers are able to count on indicators of behaviour of their business.

The II National Congress of Dependency Management was held from 18 to 20 February in Madrid within the framework of the HIP (Hospitality Innovation Planet).

In Norway, Neat, accompanied by distributors Telenor and Phoniro, attended the exhibition called Samarbeid om velferdsteknologi Agder (Cooperation on welfare technology) on March 7 in the Agder district.

It was an exhibition for welfare technology for assisted living and independent living.  “The target group for the conference was health and care managers, managers of home care services and nursing homes, professionals in the municipalities, user organizations, ICT advisors, research environment, suppliers, and others who work with or are involved in service innovation and implementation of welfare technology in the municipalities”, Johan Stridh, Customer Support Manager of Neat, explained.

Digital Telecare 2.png

Moreover, Neat participated in this year’s Zorg & ICT exhibition (Health and ICT) in Utrecht (Holland), which is about digitally driven healthcare, with the objective of promoting its solutions of Assisted Living and Independent Living. This event took place from 12 to 14 March.

The organizers of this event describe it as “the annual highlight for up-to-date information, innovations and inspiration. It is also the ideal opportunity to exchange knowledge and network with colleagues. A visit to the exhibition is interesting for management, healthcare professionals and IT professionals”.

Digital telecare 1

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