Neat deploys its technology in a renowned residential care center in China

Daai city1Xianghe DaAi City, one of the largest care groups for the elderly in China, has relied on Neat assisted living solutions.

According to its website “Xianghe DaAi City provides three kinds of elderly care service, home-based elderly care, community elderly care and institution elderly care with several products such as elderly care apartment and villa with property right, for-profit elderly care apartment and apartment with nursing care. People can purchase the property right, rent the apartment or choose the service”.

Additionally, DaAi City has a 40,000m2 DaAi Academy Elderly Care Center, providing all-round elderly care service including life keeper, nutritious food matching, health management, recreation and entertainment and social contact. It is also equipped with several cultural facilities such as library for the elderly, chess and card room, handicraft room, fitness room, swimming pool and tearoom.

The aim of  the project is to provide with greater mobility and optimizing the work of care professionals. To achieve this goal, more than 700 devices have been deployed in this center, including:

DaAi City is highly satisfied with Neat´s solutions since its objectives have been met, that is why it is very interested in expanding the technological deployment of Neat products in its center.

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