Patient-nurse call systems (I): TREX

  • TREX is the basic messaging system from NEAT.
  • The user as the core of the services.

Residencias AbueloTREX is a wireless messaging solution for the management of alarms at care facilities. The wireless technology ensures rapid installation as no cable infrastructure is required.

Its wide range guarantees health professionals mobility around the facility as the alarms generated are delivered directly to the TREX unit.

In order to improve the management of the centre the system also features the D-TECT Alarm software application, designed to register all the events for subsequent analysis, showing the alarms generated by users, the people involved in the healthcare operation and response times. Moreover, it controls the technical alarms of the devices installed.

When an alarm is generated, it is delivered to the TREX unit carried by the health professional wherever he/she is in the facility. The origin of the alarm is identified on the built-in screen, enabling the employee to act immediately. The alarm delivered to the health professional will feature the care protocol established by the centre´s senior management and configured in the TREX solution.

Patient-nurse call systems

Advantages for your facility:

  • Enables the facility to operate normally during installation
  • Task control
  • User-friendly: management of the environment and care
  • Features D-TECT ALARM registry software
  • Independence from the software enabling the solution to operate correctly
  • Can be used in both healthcare and home environments
  • Small size to facilitate use
  • Control of technical alarms of the different devices installed
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