Neat promotes digitalization in an international congress focused on the challenge of ageing

Ageing and DependencyNeat Group participated in the second edition of the Intersectoral Congress of Ageing and Dependency: “A new look at the evidence”, held in the city of Jaén, Spain. During the event, Luis Alberto Pascua Rodrigo, Head of Sales of Assisted Living of Neat (SE&A) gave a talk entitled Digitalization, the new social way of getting connected.

Pascua Rodrigo highlighted the multiple advantages of digital technology in the socio-health sector, with special emphasis on connectivity, security, access to information at any time and from anywhere, optimizing costs, more time for care and the great possibility of creating customized care plans.

This international congress aims to be a vehicle for exposing the innovative ideas of different agents, who successfully address the challenges of this demographic change, through creative programs and innovative research and offering a space for reflection and active participation to the elderly, since they are the protagonists of this congress.

It was the ideal space to talk about different thematic lines such as decent ageing as citizens’ right; technology at the service of care, key factors in the promotion of personal autonomy, etcetera.

More than 400 people attended the event, including different personalities from the social health sector.

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