This is how CMP works

Device management from anywhere and at any time.

CMPNeat Group has developed a new software  called Carephone Management Portal (CMP), a new web-based tool that allows our customers to manage their remote telecare digital terminals in a simple and friendly way.

At Neat, we understand the need for those who are responsible for telecare services to know in real time, for example, which terminals are working properly or which ones have low battery. It is also important that service providers can re-program those same terminals in order to assure they work smoothly. That is why we have developed this application specifically for digital telecare terminals, because CMP offers the possibility of configuring and updating terminals remotely.

It is an essential tool for the digital telecare service since, with the new possibilities of monitoring and evaluating big data, workflows are optimized.

Functionalities to ease care work:

  • Overview of all technical alarms and events as well as detailed alarm and event history.
  • E-mail notification in the event of a fault or technical message.
  • Local programming via USB interface on the PC.
  • Individual programming via CMP.
  • Monitoring the house emergency call devices in real time.
  • Online / offline display and device status.
  • Redundant and independent monitoring of the installed base, even in case of power failure.
  • Overview of failures or status of the devices.
  • Automatic firmware updates and convenient remote configuration.
  • Manageable user administration and rights.
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