Neat deploys its technology in the residential care group Avita in Almería

Neat Group has installed its nurse call system at Ciudad de Berja nursing home located in the city of Almería (Spain) with the aim of ensuring communication between professionals and residents of this center, as well as improving the quality of care.

Ciudad de Berja nursing home is a social-health center for the elderly, who are offered comprehensive care and continuous personal, social and health services. With a total of 136 beds and 75 rooms, this nursing home is the largest and most modern residence in the west of Almería, with private and family-friendly spaces, as well as a wide range of services.

The nursing home sought to replace its old communication system with a reliable and modern voice system. In order to meet these needs, Neat carried out the installation of the following technology:

The care professionals of this center use wireless telephones to receive alarms, which are managed by the ISECO Control Center, also installed by Neat. Likewise, professionals have TREX devices, which are used as BACK UP, therefore, both communication and reception of alarms are always guaranteed. In addition, Neat installed the D-POS System to offer the Wandering Control service, thus some residents of this care center use the D-ATOM device.

This installation is just the beginning of a big installation project of three nursing homes of Avita Group.

Residencia Avita Ciudad Berja

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