How to battle loneliness?

battle lonelilessNeat Group has always defended that solitude imposed is another way of abuse and it is the duty of the whole society to help our elders to face it and avoid it when it is not a chosen option.

That is why, in our article today we give a few tips for the elderly to cope with loneliness. We recommend you two strategies that can be implemented simultaneously and will help you deal with loneliness.

1.- Learn how to spend time with yourself

  • Identify the problem. The first step is to understand the problem. It is not the same to be alone than to feel lonely. Being alone is a situation that could not be imposed but chosen by the person and it does not need to be treated. Spending time alone with ourselves is natural and necessary. Feeling lonely, on the contrary, is a situation imposed, a negative feeling that must be counteracted. Once you understand the problem, try to analyze why you feel lonely. Do you miss a person or a place? Do you feel that you do not have enough friends? Do you think that your family does not pay enough attention to you? Once you have defined the problem, it will be easier to solve it.
  • Enjoy your own company. Try to make the moments in which you are alone as pleasant as possible. Having hobbies helps us stay entertained. You can pick up one in which you already had some practice or start something new. There are plenty of options: practice some sport, read, write a newspaper, knit or crochet, learn how to cook or try new recipes, get started in photography or painting, gardening, film sessions…
  • Start a big project. Starting a project that takes a long time will help you plan and take new challenges that, with some effort, you can overcome. The offer is huge: studying a language, writing a book, learning to play an instrument, setting up a small company or volunteering.
  • Accept help if you need it. Feeling alone is not something to be ashamed of, it is a natural feeling. In case you feel overwhelmed and do not get encouraged, seek the help of a professional, he will help you overcome it. Remember that telecare professionals are there to listen whenever you need it.
  • Avoid addictive attitudes. Loneliness can lead us to fall into addictions such as alcohol, smoking, gambling or compulsive shopping. That is why it is better to get away from these actions or perform them in a very moderate and responsible way. Do not try to change your feeling of loneliness with these attitudes; striving to find a solution is better.

2.- Search company

  • Do not become dependent on your relatives. Family is important, but we cannot always require them to be with us as long as we really want to. Many times work, family or studies keep them busy. That is why it is important that we are independent when it comes to develop our own social agenda and that we can mix the activities with our relatives, with others that we share, with friends and acquaintances.
  • Make small plans. Day to day not only consists of large projects, but also small actions that can fill us with satisfaction. You can, for example, meet friends for breakfast, shopping or walking in a nearby park. Although they are not big plans, these small actions will help you feel accompanied.
  • Make big plans. Small plans should mix with larger plans that make us feel excited. Plan a trip, a weekend out, a dinner in a restaurant that we like or that movie we are expecting to premiere to go to the cinema. The more friends we invite to these activities, the better.
  • Evaluate the possibility of adopting a pet. A pet requires care and responsibilities but also has multiple benefits. In addition, taking responsibility for an animal requires us to leave the house and socialize with other people. If you are thinking about acquiring one, keep in mind that dogs and cats are the best option to combat loneliness, as they interact a lot with their owners.
  • Avoid staying at home. Sunlight increases our endorphins; that makes us feel happier. Strolling, riding a bike, hiking to nature or simply exploring a new park helps us feel better. If you are afraid of leaving home, you can always ask your telecare provider for a mobile telecare device that will keep you located and safe at all times.

Older solitude

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