Thousands of automatic calls to minimize waiting times on Adapted Transport routes

Thanks to the SmartCall mobile application developed by Neat, automatic, pre-programmed and personalized calls can be made to notify the user of the arrival of the adapted vehicle.

SmartCall is an application designed to make automatic, pre-programmed and personalized calls to the people who are taken to their Day Center. When the elder answers the call, he is informed by a recording about his next pickup. The system interacts with the user asking if he understood the message, if the answer is negative, the recording is repeated.

This technological service reduces waiting times for people with mobility impairments who use the route of transport adapted to the Municipal Day Centers. The elderly are notified in advance about the arrival of transport, allowing both the elderly and their relatives to have enough time to get to the door of their home.

During 2017, more than 130,000 personalized calls were sent out to users to notify them that the adapted vehicle will arrive shortly.

It is worth mentioning that in 2014, thanks to this modern App, the Madrid City Council won the “Contratos y Proyectos Smart Cities 2014” (“Smart Cities Contracts and Projects 2014”) award.


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