Neat launches D-POS II to the market

A fully renewed Dementia System 

Dementia System (2).pngD-POS System is a comprehensive solution designed to cover two essential needs in a care center: to allow caretakers to move around residential and healthcare centers freely and safely and to facilitate the work of healthcare professionals 24 hours a day.

To meet these objectives, D-POS system creates safe and controlled areas for caretakers allowing carrying out an intelligent management of four fundamental services: Access control, Wandering control, Indoor Positioning and Assistance and Panic button for both caretakers and caregivers.

Patients only have to use an alarm transmitter bracelet called SMILE ID and enjoy a wide freedom of movement. In cases of people with dementia, the UDAT-S bracelet with a special anti-opening and cut-resistant clasp is used.

Likewise, the D-POS System is complemented with a mobile alarm receiver such as TREX or D-TREX carried by the care professionals and / or with NOVO, a digital care phone.

Application example: Nursing home care:

  • Indoor positioning:  6, 7
  • Assistance and Panic button: 6, 7, 8
  • Access control: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Wandering control: 6, 7

Wandering control

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