Neat deploys its assistive technology in the Casa Insieme Association in Italy

A project that makes possible to offer comprehensive care.
Casa Insieme Association, located in the province of Turin, is an institution founded in 1999 by a group of volunteers interested in creating a center for patients with advanced diseases and an adult day care center for people with Alzheimer’s.
In this place and in its spacious and unique gardens, doctors, nurses and volunteers have assisted more than 500 people and their families paying special attention to pain and physical and psychological discomfort.

The association promotes teamwork, supporting operators and volunteers with specific training, cares about the needs of patients and their families and accompanies them at all times, taking into account the physical, psychological, social, ethical and spiritual aspects of each individual.

Motivated by its vocation of comprehensive care, the Casa Insieme Association decided to seek a nurse-call solution that would allow it to meet four primary objectives: to have a simple, efficient and intuitive wireless technology that would replace its old  wired system; provide the highest possible quality of care to its patients and family members; provide mobility to both patients and care professionals and finally, have a system for recording and monitoring events that would make it possible to improve the work-flow of the staff.

To optimally cover the needs of the Casa Insieme Association, Exhibo, the Neat distribution channel in Italy, developed and proposed the installation project and carried out the technological deployment that included the following wireless solutions:

  • Portable call receiver (TREX) for caregivers, a small and discreet device, with a wide range of coverage that allows full mobility of staff, each generated alarm is received and displayed directly on the receiver’s screen thus ensuring the timely intervention.
  • Wireless pull and push buttons installed in rooms, bathrooms and common areas.
  • Bracelets for patients that allow them to request help just pressing a button.
  • A simple alarm management software, which allows recording alarms, the presence of the assistant, the end of assistance and so on.
  • Radio repeaters that ensure absolute coverage of the center.

The installation was carried out in just one day, without disturbing the patients, generating noise, or altering the work-dynamics of the center, because Neat’s wireless technology does not require infrastructure or construction.

Thanks to this powerful wireless nurse-call system from Neat, the Casa Insieme Association now enjoys huge advantages such as full coverage throughout the center, the mobility of professionals, which are very necessary to facilitate their work, freedom of movement also for the patients and easy reception and management of alarms. Which result in an optimization of resources.

Neat is the leading company in wireless call solutions, so trust in this multinational is to ensure its patients a high quality service.

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