How can the D-POS system help care centers create a space free of physical retraints?

Patient restraint systems, better known as “restraints”, have always been a very controversial practice in the health sector. Especially when it comes to patients with mental diseases such as Alzheimer. In fact, the European Council, in its recommendation Rec (2004) 10, ruled that “mechanical restraints should not be used” except “to avoid imminent harm to the patient or to other people”

How to avoid mechanical restraints in care centers?

Neat Group is totally agree with this recommendation and considers that technology can provide us with effective tools to avoid mechanical restraints.

Thus, for example, the D-POS system helps centers create safe areas where residents can wander. Its operation is very simple. Each patient wears a comfortable bracelet or pendant that allows unequivocally identifying the patient and knowing his location within the center. When a resident tries to access a dangerous area, leave the building, cross a preconfigured space or a door for which he does not have access, an alarm is generated immediately and  received in a device carried by the caregiver. TREX device, responsible for receiving this type of alarm, is small and comfortable, and identifies the patient and the place he is trying to cross. Thus, the caregiver can quickly attend the emergency and go to assist the resident who has generated the alert.

In this way, we guarantee respect for the dignity and autonomy of the person that should be the basic ingredients that include any medical protocol, while facilitating the work of caregivers of the residential centers.

Dementia System

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