Mobile phone lines double landlines

NEO GSM with ATOM.jpgThe Mobile World Congress 2017 was held in Barcelona a few weeks ago, and during the congress, an analysis about telephony sector in Spain was presented. The study only refers to Spain, but this trend is similar all across developed countries. The report reveals that the number of mobile telephone lines has increased 55.5% in the last 10 years, while landlines have decreased by 4.4%.

In fact, 110 mobile lines are counted for every 100 inhabitants, which is 38.6 million lines in Spain, while landlines have decreased to 41 per 100 inhabitants, representing 19 million lines. In addition, the study reveals that this figure is actually a trend and the number of mobile lines will continue increasing in the future. This means there are more and more people who do not have landlines in their home, which could be a problem when accessing telecare service because they cannot install a conventional terminal.

evolution telephone

For this reason, Neat Group has designed the NEO-GSM telecare terminal for mobile networks, to serve users who do not have landlines in their home. The NEO-GSM has two communication channels and uses GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) for connection. In addition, our terminal can issue more than 30 different types of alarms and handle up to eight warnings. It also has the correct size for an easy installation in any home, both on a table and on the wall. For mobile operation, it only needs a SIM card that is located next to the battery.


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