According to the WHO, adults older than 65 suffer the greatest number of fatal falls

abuelos-2In some occasions we have already written in this same blog about the risk that suppose the falls for the elderly at home. In many cases, the patient suffers loss of consciousness after the fall, which causes they cannot ask for help by themselves. For this reason, we must always provide the best technological solutions to older people so they can feel secure while continue living independently at their own home.

According to WHO data, falls at home are the second cause of worldwide mortality from accidental injuries, and those over 65 are the main victims of this type of accidents. There are 37.3 million falls annually that require medical attention.

In addition to age and sex (57% of victims of falls, are women), other risk factors are “underlying medical conditions, such as neurological, cardiac or other disabling conditions; side effects of medication, physical inactivity and loss of balance, particularly among older people; poor mobility, cognition, and vision, particularly among those living in an institution, such as a nursing home or chronic care facility; unsafe environments, particularly for those with poor balance and limited visiatomion”.

The I-ATOM alarm transmitter functions as a conventional remote-control emergency button, but it also monitors its wearer’s activity on an ongoing basis and transmits an alarm when no activity is detected. In this way, users can be sure that in case of loss of consciousness the service of telecare will receive an alarm and proceed in the most efficient way.

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