This is how our fire detectors work

smoke-tempBecause of the low temperatures we are experiencing at this time, we all increase the temperature of our home thanks to the heating devices that modern housing offers.

However, increasing the use of heaters also increases the risk of fire. That’s why we want to introduce you to one of our alarms specially designed to detect fire, SMOKE and TEMP.

SMOKE and TEMP are two devices that are integrated into an advanced telecare system whereby the user’s home is monitored to avoid risk situations. Advanced telecare is a system designed to detect all types of emergencies in the home such as floods, falls or early fires, without the user having to press the alarm button to get help from the care services.

SMOKE is a detector sensitive to combustion products, both visible and invisible. Prepared for the detection of all types of fires, especially those that are in an incipient state. When SMOKE detects smoke in a room of the house, it will emit a visual and audible warning to alert the user. At the same time, it will send an alarm to the care services so that, if necessary, emergency services will be sent to the user’s home.

When there is vapour or excess of dust, SMOKE cannot be used, it is the TEMP temperature rise detector that will alert about dangerous situations.

As all our devices, SMOKE and TEMP have been tested to guarantee their reliability.

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