Neat Social networks, industry leaders

twitter-292994_1920There is no doubt about the importance of social networks in the development of a company. In fact, social networks not only serve to improve the brand image, but also as a communication channel with customers and distributors. That is why we have been working on our corporate image in the digital world for many years, and through hard work and perseverance we have ensured that our brand image is a leader, compared with our competitors, accumulating thousands of followers in our social networks.

By developing quality content, very innovative, we have reached 2,400 followers on Facebook and we need to add another 1,300 on Twitter. This presence in the networks allows us to increase the traffic to our website and thus, not only to publicize our products and services, but also opens a channel for us to contact our customers to resolve their doubts and provide them with quality information.

If you want to take a look:

Google Plus:
Twitter (Spanish): @GrupoNEAT
Twitter (English): @Neat_Group

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