COPD, an especially dangerous disease for the older

2548162908_83cf47bac8Today, November 16th, is the World Day against Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, better known as COPD, the fourth deadly disease causing more than three million deaths annually worldwide.

The initiative is organized by the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease, who this year chose the theme “Breathe in the Knowledge,” to emphasizes the meaningful actions patients can take to improve their respiratory health, at any stage, even before a COPD diagnosis.

COPD is a disease that obstructs the airway in a progressive and irreversible way causing a decrease in respiratory capacity, which causes a significant loss of quality of life and, if not treated properly, can lead the patient death.

Although there is treatment for almost any stage of the disease, early diagnosis is important when you want to cure it, so it is essential to note that the disease can be detected with a simple painless test performed with a spirometer and make the population aware those attitudes such as smoking, even with the popular e-cigarettes, are extremely damaging for lungs.

COPD particularly affects older adults, as a study by the University of Melbourne has shown, suffering from this disease increases the likelihood of falls. This is why it is important to be cared and feel safe at all times and able to, in the event of a fall or an asthma attack, quickly contact emergency services, so telecare is a fantastic tool for the care of these patients.

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