Neat launches its revolutionary digital connector D-TECT IP

Nurse call systemsA device powered over Ethernet (PoE), which optimizes the response times.

Neat, in its eagerness to constant innovation of its products and services, has launched a new device called D-TECT IP, it is a digital connector for nurse care centers that reduces the response times of caregivers, saves costs and facilitates installations.

D-TECT IP connects wireless room devices, wandering systems and other sensors and communicates with the nurse call management system D-SERVER.

D-TECT IP is fed and receives data through the Ethernet network connection, allowing the use of the local network in the nursing home or Internet to transmit and store the information; it also ensures a secure installation in the cloud.

You can connect an unlimited number of D-TECTs IP, undoubted advantage if you want to expand the system patient-nurse care and wandering system in places where it is very difficult to provide optimum coverage with traditional call systems.

Also, this system is able to eliminate geographical barriers since you can install different D-TECT-IP units in several residences and manage them from a central device located in another geographic point, either another building, another city or even another continent.

With this new digital connector you can reuse existing structures, forget about cables and deploy installations in record time.

In addition, the installer does not need special training, he/she simply needs to know how to perform network installations and ready.

With D-TECT IP, caregivers, doctors and alarm managers receive emergency alarms instantly with which the patients are assisted immediately, thus raising the quality and speed of care.

This digital connector confirms once again the Neat´s commitment to the welfare of all health actors.

dtect ip

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