Mobile telecare gaining ground against classical home telecare

Teleasistencia-NEMOSome weeks ago the Swedish consulting firm Berg Insight published one of its recognized studies about elderly care and, as a significant fact, emphasized that the mobile telecare market will reach 3.4 million users in Europe and North America in 2021.

It’s no wonder. In recent years we have witnessed a take-off in demand of such devices by the users who need an external aid to feel secure and want to maintain a high degree of independence that allows them to leave home for walks, socializing or just take care of their own business. In this way, these special devices offer them the possibility to feel safe and accompanied when they go out. So, this technology has become essential for companies that want to maintain a high degree of quality of life and independence for their beneficiaries.

To satisfy the needs of this group, Neat has developed Nemo, a mobile telecare device that allows to geolocate the elders at any time, inside and outside their homes, and providing them with greater autonomy.

In addition, Nemo features the classic alarm button the user can press to alert about an emergency such as a fall in the street, which will produce a call to the service center via the hands-free device.

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