Hermanas Hospitalarias awarded for their technological system developed by Neat

Premiossenda2.jpgSenda Awards are the most prestigious awards in the Spanish elderly care industry. The awards recognize the work of institutions, companies and organizations in favour of active ageing and quality of life of people in situations of dependency, as well as the important role of elderly people in our society.

On Wednesday 15th the award ceremony was held with the presence of Matilde Pelegrí, CEO of Senda Group, and César Antón, Managing Director of the Spanish Elderly Care Agency, and it was presented by the Spanish popular actress Mabel Lozano.

Hermanas Hospitalarias, one of the most important institutions of southern Spain for the care of the elderly and disabled people, was awarded the prize Senda for Innovative Initiative. The award highlights the “development of programs that improve the well-being and quality of life of elderly people and in situations of dependence”. Hermanas Hospitalarias received the award for its technological system implemented in its care center, which was developed by Neat Group.

This automation system is used to enhance the quality of life of users while offering comfort to their families and offers an innovative highly reliable technology to care centres that modernizes their facilities and helps professionals to act in emergency situations.

There were many other awarded people and institutions in the ceremony that highlight the important role of elderly people in our society like Jose Sacristán, one of the most famous actors in Spain and LatinAmerica.



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