What is the state of the art telecare?

photo-1414956182841-f9f6c6f0d7c0.jpgThe main purpose of telecare is to enable older people to live independently at their homes without having to move to a nursing home and without having to give up to a safe place at an affordable price. In fact, elderly people usually spend much time in their homes because of their mobility difficulties, so it is very important for them to feel safe and accompanied in their own place.

Classical telecare has always covered the need to respond quickly and efficiently in case of falls or medical emergencies, but this is only a part of the problem elderly people may face at home. There is a wide variety of emergencies that can occur at home, and they need a fast response from the care services to avoid fires, floods or gas leaks, etc.

Therefore, NEAT Group has developed a series of alarm detectors which complete telecare system creating a much safer environment for users. For example, SMOKE and TEMP devices are able to detect a fire at the beginning and launch an alarm to the central service that shall consider the situation and, if necessary, they will call the emergency services who will solve the problem. In the same way WATER and GAS devices send alarms in case of flood or gas leakage respectively.

Similar to these devices but with a slightly different functionality are BED, FLOOR and PIR sensors that perform a monitoring of the user. In this way the alarm center will always be informed of the activity within the home and in case of inactivity, they will follow the emergency protocol.

This wide range of sensors creates a much safer environment enabling older people to live independently at home for much longer and for a small fee.


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