The 5 most common risks at home for older people

harold-lloyd-1137109_1280.jpgDomestic accidents happens daily in every household. Luckily, most of them are just minor mishaps, but many can become severe accidents, especially when it comes to older people with functional diversity.

Most of these mishaps are easily avoided and Neat Group has developed a variety of technological devices that help fight accidents at home.

We are going to review the most important risks that older people can suffer at their own home and how technology can help to avoid them:

1.- Falls.

The slips and falls are very common, especially among people with disabilities. Therefore it is important to keep transit areas, such as corridors and access doors, free of obstacles and well lighted; no wander barefoot and maintain floors and stairs clean and dry. In the shower it is important to install a non-slip surface and handhold bar. In any case, having an alarm system to warn any accident can help us to be safer.

For these users, we have designed our traditional telecare devices as the NEO Family. But we also have a wide variety of specific devices for each situation like FALL, BED, FLOOR or WALL Family.


2.- Gas Leaks.

Gas leaks are also numerous and very dangerous because of technical issues or forgetfulness. To keep us safe, our gas facilities must be reviewed periodically by qualified professionals. If you notice any damage you should to cut off the supply immediately and notify your service provider company.

To detect gas leaks we have created the GAS transmitter, which emits visual and audible warnings when it detects butane, propane and methane gas emissions.

3.- Fire.

Because of their dangerousness this is certainly one of the most serious threats for older people and their neighbours. To avoid the fire never leave flammable materials near the stove burners or any heat source. Also keep stoves and heaters away from curtains or cloth parts that could catch fire. If you detect a fire save people inside the house and alert the emergency services.

Our SMOKE device provides a visual and acoustic alarm in case of incipient fire or heavy smoke. When SMOKE cannot be used due to steam or dust pollution the best options is TEMP, the temperature alarm that alert users to the sudden increase in temperatures that occur in case of fire.

4.- Flood.

Floods are also very common at home. They can happen because of a burst pipe or when the users forget close the taps. Floods are very bulky and generate extensive damage to the house, so avoid and detect them early is very important. As a preventive method a professional must review periodically pipes. In case of loss of water close the stopcock and notify emergency services.

The water leak alarm, WATER, warns of unexpected leaks and launches an alarm that will be received by the telecare central, which will act immediately.

5.- Food poisonings.

Finally, food poisoning is also very common and can cause us great discomfort, and even take us to the hospital. We will keep food properly in the fridge and have special care to determine which food needs cold and what not. We will be careful in cleaning fruits, vegetables and legumes prior to consumption and will conserve separately of meat. In case of food poisoning notified the appropriate health services.

In these cases it is important to feel safe and accompanied, so the NEO Family can be an ally when to contact professional services that will serve us.

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