Why are there three versions of Neo Telecare Terminal?

The Neo Telecare Terminal is the cornerstone of any home telecare system because thanks to more than 30 different types of alarms (technical and emergency) allows to create a safe environment for the patient. This alarm system allows the patient contact the emergency center via a hands free device easy to use and highly effective and provides peace of mind to families and caregivers. Even being away from the terminal, communication is clear. In addition, the Neo terminal can be combined with other Neat devices and is compatible with most commonly used call centers.

But, why there are three different versions of Neo?

Each device class adapts to specific types of telephony thus covering the full range of possibilities that exist in the market for telephone networks. This allows companies to choose the version that best suits theirs needs for comfort, ease of use and profitability.

Today most telephone lines operate analogue and for them is designed our classic Neo. However because of the fast advances in telecommunications technology Neat has developed Neo IP. This device that with digital phones so if the customer chooses IP telephony, he can use this terminal to work through Ethernet connections. For homes which are not connected to an analog telephone or internet network because of their special characteristics, Neat has developed the Neo GSM that works with mobile technology.

What is common for all three types of terminals, is compliance with applicable regulations, as they all comply with Directive 1999/5 / EC (R & TTE).



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