International Noise Awareness Day

person-976759_1920.jpgToday is the International Noise Awareness Day, a global campaign founded in 1996 by the Center of Hearing and Communication (CHC) which aim to raise awareness of the problems caused in our health by excessively loud noise.

Excessive noise, like any other contaminating agent, is not just an environmental complication, but also has serious harmful effects on our health, both physiological and psychosomatic, so it is important to ensure an adequate level of noise, especially in the most sensitive places for health such as hospitals and care centers.

We are all responsible for the noise generated in health centers. Alarms, devices, conversations, phone calls and so on coexist in these centers simultaneously throughout the day. Even at night, a critical patient rest time, absolute silence is achieved.

But not only patients affected by a high noise level, workers and caregivers also accumulate a high level of stress when exposed continuously to a very high noise level, and this may affect the care the patient receives.

Therefore, thinking of the welfare of the patient, we must consider how to avoid all those sounds that are unnecessary and thus achieve a healthy and relaxing ecosystem.

For this reason Neat Group has developed a nurse call system like TREX that besides having different levels in their alarm tones, these can be replaced by a vibration system also configurable by its intensity, which is a secure system and does not contribute to noise pollution in health centers.

For caregivers TREX involves mobility, security, traceability service and efficiency; while for patients is a significant improvement in attention times (derived from a more efficient mobilization of staff) and greater peace of mind resulting from lower “noise pollution”.


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