How can the D-POS system help care centers create a space free of physical retraints?

Patient restraint systems, better known as “restraints”, have always been a very controversial practice in the health sector. Especially when it comes to patients with mental diseases such as Alzheimer. In fact, the European Council, in its recommendation Rec (2004) 10, ruled that “mechanical restraints should not be used” except “to avoid imminent harm to the patient or to other people”

How to avoid mechanical restraints in care centers?

Neat Group is totally agree with this recommendation and considers that technology can provide us with effective tools to avoid mechanical restraints.

Thus, for example, the D-POS system helps centers create safe areas where residents can wander. Its operation is very simple. Each patient wears a comfortable bracelet or pendant that allows unequivocally identifying the patient and knowing his location within the center. When a resident tries to access a dangerous area, leave the building, cross a preconfigured space or a door for which he does not have access, an alarm is generated immediately and  received in a device carried by the caregiver. TREX device, responsible for receiving this type of alarm, is small and comfortable, and identifies the patient and the place he is trying to cross. Thus, the caregiver can quickly attend the emergency and go to assist the resident who has generated the alert.

In this way, we guarantee respect for the dignity and autonomy of the person that should be the basic ingredients that include any medical protocol, while facilitating the work of caregivers of the residential centers.

control de errantes

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New video presentation of D-POS system

Neat Group has published a brand new video about D-POS system, a residential care solution for dementia patients.

D-POS is a technological solution that offers various functionalities for the care of dementia patients in the care centers. Solutions such as wandering system, access control, indoor location and panic system are provided with total reliability for professionals and comfort for the patient.

We hope you like it.

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NOVO was exhibited in Australia at a Legrand´s exclusive event

novo legrandDuring the launch event of the Legrand Eliot program in Australia, NOVO, the Neat’s new telecare terminal, was exhibited, integrated with a blood pressure device.

The event named Eliot Launch, was held on July 5 and took place at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), at the Quayside Room, overlooking Syndey’s spectacular harbour, city skyline, the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

In addition to NOVO, several technological innovations of Legrand were also presented and Legrand senior executives gave conferences on the importance and repercussion of the Eliot program.

Eliot (a contraction of Electricity and Internet of Things, IoT) was announced two years ago with Legrand describing it as a program designed to speed up the deployment of its connected devices that would “facilitate the emergence of connected buildings wherever IoT can enhance use value for all users.”

The CEO of Legrand Australia and New Zeland Tony Berland told IoT Hub that the company felt the time was now right to launch in Australia. “It’s not only a matter of technology, it’s about how we can bring the product to market,” he said.

At the Australian launch, Legrand said it was mobilising the whole Legrand group behind Eliot with the aim being “to revitalise communication about Legrand products, wherever the Internet of Things can provide users with additional benefits.”

Learn more about this event by watching the following video:

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How should we prepare for active ageing?

pareja abuelosAccording to data published by the World Health Organization (WHO) on the International Day of the Elderly, currently, 700 million people are over 60, a figure that will rapidly increase to 2 billion by 2050, which will account for 20% of the world’s population.

The fact that human beings come to live at such advanced ages is, undoubtly, a success originated by the development of our health systems, the improvement of our diets and the increase of quality of life but also it is a challenge for our societies. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the need to plan our ageing, ensuring that we can live independently, safely and healthy.

Beyond having a pension plan to enable us to feel financially independent when we get old, we must take into acount our body and our mind in order to have an active ageing that allows us to remain independent at an advanced age.

There is not a magic formula for being young forever, but there are a series of habits that will help us to get older in a better way, such as a healthy diet, exercise at least three times a week, sleep well and maintain an active social life that will make us communicate and keep our intellectual capacities exercised. Without forgetting our health check-ups. All this will help us to reach an advanced age in better conditions.

Remaining independent at a certain age and with a reduction of some of our abilities, may involve the use of technology, which will allow us to live in our home safely without increasing our relatives’ workload. That is why, telecare services are a great tool because, beyond the typical alarm system, they usually provide us with a whole series of peripherals that keep us safe from all kinds of accidents at home, such as fires, domestic floods, gas leaks and so on.

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EPI CARE 3000 has been tested with highly satisfactory results

ABEPI conducted a demonstration session of this sensor.

Creatividad Epi-Care 600x550px ENWith the objective of finding a reliable technological solution to support the nocturnal convulsive seizures of patients with epilepsy, the “Biscayan Association of Epilepsy Doctor Maribel Forcadas”, (ABEPI, by its acronym in Spanish), tested the epilepsy sensor EPI CARE 3000, distributed in Spain by Neat Group. The results of the test were very satisfactory; the device detected 22 crises without giving false positives.

The great success of this test motivated the desire of ABEPI to show this sensor to all those patients or associations interested in knowing and taking advantage of its benefits.

Therefore, ABEPI, with the collaboration of Neat Group held a non-profit demonstration day for dozens of attendees, on Wednesday, September 20, at 6:30 pm, in the municipal center of San Inazio-Ibarrekolanda.

The presentation and organization of the event was carried out by Juanma Puente, President of ABEPI, who presented the EPI CARE 3000 equipment and the successful results obtained during the month that they were testing it.

He also showed all the statistics of the tests and explained the configuration and operation of the device through two videos that he recorded specifically for the event.                ABEPI

“The installation of this epilepsy sensor is very simple and its daily use is simplified to the maximum to facilitate the operation of any user. The sensor is well prepared, both for use in homes and for installation in nursing homes, as it has the necessary peripherals to send a remote alarm, via radio to a pager and / or a monitoring unit or via SMS”, said Juanma Puente, who, in addition to being the president of ABEPI, is also the father of a patient who suffers epilepsy and participated in the test.

During the question session, Santiago Morales, KAM of the Commercial Department of Neat Group, clarified the doubts made by the attendees concerning the operation, coverage, warranty and prices of the sensor.

EPI CARE 3000 is an innovative small-sized device that unlike other sensors on the market, offers a high degree of sensitivity, it can detect not only the repeated movements resulting from severe convulsion, but also detects the soft convulsions that occur during sleep, in cases of nocturnal epilepsy. Because of its high sensitivity and reliability, the bed sensor is widely recommended for infants, children, youth and adults.


Juanma Puente, President of ABEPI, during the presentation

The equipment is manufactured by the Danish company “Danish Care Technology ApS” and sold in several countries by Neat Group.For further information about Epi-Care 3000 or other products and services from Neat Group, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Renew your nursing call system while the residents have breakfast

Forget about uncomfortable works, Neat’s solutions are easy to install and do not cause inconveniences to residents.

TREX ENMany nursing homes do not dare to renew their nurse-call systems because they are afraid of facing endless hassles such as making annoying and costly construction works, generating nasty noises and being forced to relocate the residents.

In Neat Group, we are aware of the real needs of our customers, so we offer them our reliable system, TREX. It is a wireless solution that will allow you to renew your old system in record time.

Forget about the noise, cables, workers, building materials, alter the normal operation of your care staff, paying high maintenance costs and most importantly: forget about relocating and disrupting the residents, since the installation is done so quickly that they will not be affected at any time.

In addition to a simple, agile and elegant installation, our wireless system offers you many advantages and unlimited features:

  • Wireless signal reliability.
  • Mobility: care-staff can receive alerts anywhere in the center where they work due to the portability of the system.
  • Detection of the usual calls of bed, bath, etc.
  • Alarm detection of Neat devices: wandering control, fall detectors and panic button to request help among professionals, etc.
  • A simple computer application allows the management of alarms and the generation of reports for the service  improvement.
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Neat obtains ISO 27001 certification of Information Security Management Systems

  • Neat goes a step further in its commitment to ensuring a safe information treatment.
  • This achievement certifies the safety of Neat solutions in the health and social sector.

ISO 27001.jpg

Neat has obtained the ISO 27001 certification of Information Security Management Systems thanks to its continuous commitment to the development and implementation of security measures related to the processing of information.

ISO 27001 promotes the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information; who complies with it is able to ensure the following fundamental aspects in the management of it: that only authorized persons can access the information; that the methods of processing information are accurate and complete; and that authorized users have access to it at any time.

According to the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR), the ISO 27001 standard contributes to fostering information protection activities in organizations, improving their image and generating trust for third parties.

Juan Ignacio Pérez Cabanillas, Head of Quality and Innovation at Neat, states that “ISO 27001 defines the requirements necessary to implement a secure information system and also sets the guidelines to maintain and improve it continuously”. Perez Cabanillas also clarifies that when talking about an information system “not only do you want to refer to IT elements, since it also covers the set of technologies and tools for the treatment of one of the main assets of companies, the information , regardless of the format in which it is found, such as paper, hard disks, etc. “

Among the main beneficiaries of this certification are undoubtedly the service providers who use Neat’s information management platforms since, thanks to the compliance and certification of this standard, they can offer services in the health and social sector even more calmly, since they have the endorsement of an internationally recognized standard aimed at safe treatment of information.

Along the same lines, Arturo Pérez Kramer, Chief Operating Officer at Neat, reiterated the importance of ensuring the security of the processing of personal data and confidential information for the development and growth of the socio-health technology sector. “We strongly support the implementation of information security management systems based on this standard,” he said. Likewise, Pérez Kramer pointed out that “Neat is aware of the importance of complying not only with ISO 27001, but also with all those certifications that guarantee the safety and quality of its processes, products and services and its commitment to the environment”.

Proof of this is the fact that in addition to ISO 27001 certification, Neat also has the following certifications: ISO 9001 for quality management systems and ISO 14001 for environmental management systems.

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