Neat deploys its assistive technology in Cantabria, Spain

With the aim of guaranteeing the safety of the residents and respecting their right to autonomy, the Fundación Asilo de Torrelavega has decided to install the Wandering Control System of Neat Group in one of its care centers, the San José nursing home.

The Fundación Asilo de Torrelavega offers care to 1,204 daily users in its various centers, including children, the elderly and people with physical or intellectual disabilities.

All residents with advanced cognitive impairment with disorientation have been assigned an ATOM bracelet, so that if they violate the security limits of the nursing home, the system detects it and immediately notifies caretakers thus avoiding the risk of getting lost.

This project has been carried out through TECNIREPAR, one of the distributors of Neat in Spain.

The wide satisfaction of the Fundación Asilo de Torrelavega has left the door open for a future installation in its centers of the Indoor Location system and the D-SERVER System.

Asilo de Torrelavega

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Neat promotes telemedicine in HospitalSpec 2018

eHealth SolutionNeat attended the HospitalSpec 2018 event where it had the opportunity to offer its telemedicine services to important purchasing decision makers and get important contacts at the management level.

HospitalSpec is an annual event designed to offer an individualized service to purchasing executives of the main hospital groups, mutual insurance companies, nursing homes, architects, engineers and suppliers of equipment, services and solutions of the health industry. In this edition HospitalSpec was held in Seville, from March 13 to 15.

Among the companies with which Neat held meetings and presentations of its offer in telemedicine are Intercentros Ballesol, Aralia Servicios Sociosanitarios, Fremap Mutua de Accidentes, Inycom, Bernardotgarcía, C+G Técnica, Parra-Müller Arquitectura de Maternidades, Hospitales Parque, etcetera.

Neat telemedicine solutions promote the integration of social and health services, self-care and the prevention of chronic diseases. Our solutions are designed to prevent, detect and control risk situations at all levels: highly complex patients, high-risk patients, chronic patients, as well as the rest of the population.

Our telehealth solution is based on a series of sensors and a device with which the patient, in his own home, can take his vital signs measurements and send the results wirelessly to the cloud in a safe way where the health professional can consult them anywhere.

The exclusivity of the event lies in its format, a personalized program of face-to-face meetings combined with relaxed networking activities that facilitate the strengthening of inter-professional relations.

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The Provincial Council of A Coruña launches the campaign “Contigo Mellor” to promote its telecare service

The Provincial Council of A Coruña presented a few days ago its campaign entitled “Contigo Mellor“, whose objective is to inform the potential users and their families about the home care service provided by the institution. A system that gives service to all those elderly people who request it and reside in town councils of less than 50,000 inhabitants of the province of A Coruña.

The campaign was presented by the head of the area of Social Welfare, Education and Equality of the Provincial Council of A Coruña, Ánxela Franco, who stressed that the objectives that the telecare service pursues are “avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions, the possibility of integration into the life of the environment of the users intervening immediately in personal, social or medical crises “.

The telecare service of the Provincial Council of A Coruña has been operating for 19 years, with 2,087 users, of which 345 are over 90 years old, and at this time, it has served more than 5,000 people.

In the video presentation of the campaign, our ATOM device has a special role when it comes to showing the elderly doing their daily activities while maintaining their safety and independence.

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Neat presented the whole NOVO concept at Altenpflege 2018


Hannover was the center of ALTENPFLEGE 2018; from 6 to 8 March, around 550 exhibitors met at the this international event with care products and services. The focus of this leading fair, with around 26,000 visitors, was the subject of digitization, which is becoming more and more important.

Neat participated in the Altenpflege fair exhibiting the digital ecosystem of NOVO and highlighting the great advantages of offering a connected care.

Visitors were able to get to know in depth three variants of NOVO that allow reliable and secure connection to all networks:

NOVO types.png

With these three variants, NOVO can be precisely adapted to the respective network requirements and always offer a consistent and future-proof connection. NOVO is compatible with the known telecare communication protocols.

Similarly, the Care Management Portal (CMP) was shown, a web-based tool that anytime and anywhere allows staff to conveniently and efficiently remotely manage and monitor the NEAT IP devices.


During this important fair, Neat presents its digital technology to a big number of participants and open up the possibility of future collaborations and new projects.

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Neat Group sponsors the XXI Conference about Alzheimer´s disease in Madrid

Mayores AlzheimerLike every year, Neat Group is proud of sponsoring the conference about Alzheimer´s disease at the Center for Humanization of Health in Madrid, which this year reaches its XXI edition.

The sessions are designed to train participants on how to care for people with this disease and to go in depth about Alzheimer´s disease and the issues surrounding it.

Between 500 and 600 participants who guided by psychiatry, psychology and nursing professionals, will participate in workshops on topics like innovation and robotherapy in cognitive stimulation for Alzheimer’s type dementia, ambiguous loss, counselling, family school, or nutrition and hydration.

It will also address issues such as ethical aspects in the care of the person with Alzheimer´s disease who will lead an intense interdisciplinary work session, with experts in counselling, bioethics, nursing, theology and psychogeriatry.

Neat  Group continues developing technologies such as the wandering control or nurse call systems that humanize and dignify the patients while facilitating their care by professionals and relatives.

In case you are in Madrid between April 11 and 12, you can participate in this free conference by registering through the website and by mail to (Phone +34 918 060 696).

Alzheimer´s conference.jpg


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Neat Group exhibits its technology in Light+Building

Frankfurt am MainNeat Group is once again present at the leading trade fair for technological services for construction that is being held these days in Frankfurt am Main.

Light+Building, the world’s largest trade fair for lighting and building services technology, is held every two years in Frankfurt am Main and it will be open until 23 March 2018. Over 2,600 exhibitors from 55 countries are there to present their new products in the field of lighting, electrical and electronic technology and home and building automation. “Connected – Secure – Convenient” is the motto of this leading world trade fair in its field. The focus is on the key issues ‘The smartification of everyday life’ and ‘Aesthetics and well-being in harmony’.

Neat is convinced of the need of healthcare centers for using “connected, safe and practical” systems. As a part of Legrand Group, Neat wanted to be present and show its solutions to visitors from all over the world who visit the fair.

In this edition, Neat has presented its solutions such as wandering control, nursing call system, access control or indoor location. All systems are designed to guarantee the residents safety and wellbeing in healthcare centers.

The fair is a fantastic opportunity for Neat to present its technology to a big number of participants and open up the possibility of future collaborations and new projects. In addition, it also constitutes a reinforcement of its international strategy and strengthens its alliance with Legrand Group. Serafin Quintanilla, Product Area Deputy Manager in Neat and present at the fair, has explained “for Neat is an opportunity to show the latest developments for nursing homes and hospitals on Legrand’s stand; and in general all the technology that we design for a better service and comfort for the elderly people. At the same time, our colleagues from Legrand from very different countries can know our solutions and thus facilitate the sale of Neat products and services in their respective markets”.

Light + Building will be open until March 23, so we invite you to visit the stand and learn more about Neat Group solutions.

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This is how CMP works

Device management from anywhere and at any time.

CMPNeat Group has developed a new software  called Carephone Management Portal (CMP), a new web-based tool that allows our customers to manage their remote telecare digital terminals in a simple and friendly way.

At Neat, we understand the need for those who are responsible for telecare services to know in real time, for example, which terminals are working properly or which ones have low battery. It is also important that service providers can re-program those same terminals in order to assure they work smoothly. That is why we have developed this application specifically for digital telecare terminals, because CMP offers the possibility of configuring and updating terminals remotely.

It is an essential tool for the digital telecare service since, with the new possibilities of monitoring and evaluating big data, workflows are optimized.

Functionalities to ease care work:

  • Overview of all technical alarms and events as well as detailed alarm and event history.
  • E-mail notification in the event of a fault or technical message.
  • Local programming via USB interface on the PC.
  • Individual programming via CMP.
  • Monitoring the house emergency call devices in real time.
  • Online / offline display and device status.
  • Redundant and independent monitoring of the installed base, even in case of power failure.
  • Overview of failures or status of the devices.
  • Automatic firmware updates and convenient remote configuration.
  • Manageable user administration and rights.
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