Neat deploys its nurse call system at the Hospital de Móstoles to help healthcare personnel manage the coronavirus crisis

To accommodate the growing number of coronavirus patients, the Hospital de Móstoles, located in the city of Móstoles, Madrid (Spain), has set up a disused area of ​​the same center as a temporary site. This space has 11 rooms that have been equipped with Neat’s wireless nurse call system in order to organize work more efficiently and offer higher quality care.

The technological deployment at the Hospital de Móstoles was carried out in record time, since Neat’s wireless healthcare solutions do not require installation. In addition, the devices were preconfigured and delivered ready to go.

The solution is made up of bed and bath buttons for patients and receivers for healthcare personnel.

The patient only has to press a button to request assistance. Since the receivers are portable, professionals are fully mobile and can receive the patient’s call at any point in the healthcare facility where they are.

At Neat we are very pleased to be able to collaborate in the management of the crisis of the disease COVID-19 and we will keep contributing by doing what we have been doing for more than 30 years: offering solutions that help the most fragile ones and those who need our support the most.

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NEAT technology is ready to help healthcare personnel in the COVID-19 crisis

Deployment of wireless patient-nurse call system in record time.

At Neat we are aware that the coronavirus health crisis that Spain and other countries are going through requires immediate and forceful solutions that facilitate its management and contribute to improving the care of patients.

Faced with this need, Neat makes available to sites enabled for the care of coronavirus patients such as field hospitals, medicalized hotels, etc. its wireless patient-nurse call system, a simple and effective technology.

At this time of crisis, it is required that the setting up of temporary hospitals be ready quickly and efficiently. The implementation of this wireless solution is carried out in a few hours without affecting the pace of work of professionals, so that this system collaborates in responding to the urgent needs of healthcare.

Neat’s intention is to collaborate in supporting the organization of work in a more effective way, alleviating the burden on health personnel and allowing them to offer more complete and higher quality care.

The solution is completely wireless and consists of bed and bath buttons for patients and receivers for healthcare personnel.

The push buttons can be attached or hung on the beds. The patient only has to pull the device or press a button to request assistance. Since the receivers are portable, professionals are fully mobile and can receive the patient’s call at any point in the healthcare facility where they are.

In Italy, Neat has joined the support of field hospitals installed in the areas most affected by the COVID-19. The Italian government has asked our technology distributor in that country for hospital management equipment to support healthcare. More than 500 patient devices and dozens of receivers for medical personnel are already in operation.

Marco Belleri, Sales Director of Exhibo, Neat’s technology distribution company in Italy, showed that this solution is demonstrating its effectiveness in responding to the health crisis in Italy by helping professionals offer faster and more complete care « This type of equipment is normally used in field hospitals or, in general, in all those emergency situations where a fast, safe and mobile system is needed to help patients admitted to corridors, premises or makeshift facilities not equipped with a nurse-call system ». From Neat “we want to help mitigate this crisis as soon as possible,” he said.

Undoubtedly, the coronavirus crisis that plagues all regions requires that companies that manufacture social health technology and the rest of the sectors of society be responsible and work to overcome this situation among all.

At Neat, from our position, we will continue adding with our contribution by doing what we have known for more than 30 years: offering solutions that help the most fragile and those who need our support the most.

Nurse call system

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Together we will fight the COVID-19 crisis

At Neat we stand in solidarity with all the people who are suffering from the coronavirus crisis and we want to send them a message of encouragement and confidence.

 We know that these are difficult times, but we are also confident that, through the collaboration of all, we will soon overcome this health contingency.

Neat is an active agent in the healthcare sector, specializing in the development of solutions for the care of the elderly. Its employees and customers -service providers- want to guarantee that we are doing everything in our power to offer users, today more than ever, attention to the height of the circumstances, as well as fast and efficient solutions that facilitate the management of this crisis, always safeguarding the safety of people and protecting the most vulnerable ones.

 We send you our full support.


Arturo Pérez KramerNeat Managing Director

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Neat participated in the National Dependency and Health Congress

HIPNeat was present at the National Dependency and Health Congress organized by Alimarket, and developed at IFEMA (Madrid) on February 24, 25 and 26, 2020, within the framework of the Horeca HIP innovation fair.

During the three days of the congress, there have been 17 presentations and two round tables starring the main professionals of the sector in Spain. Our Southern Europe Sales Manager, José Manuel Carballo, gave a presentation entitled Connected centers, a new model of attention in which he presented the value of connected technology in the social and healthcare world and the multiple advantages that this new paradigm offers.

In this regard, Carballo stressed that “the massive data processing, Big Data, makes it possible to trace habits and trends which will allow us to know better where the improvement of services is potential” and therefore collaborate in increasing security and quality of life of people. “The well-used data processing is shown as a disruptive technology,” he said.

In addition, Carballo has presented a Neat success story, which combines technology and the best geriatric assistance. The company has launched a solution, with the highest technology, in ten nursing homes in Madrid, to better control these spaces and prevent residents from leaving the centers without supervision.

The congress also featured an exhibition area in which Neat exhibited its Assisted Living and Independent Living solutions, emphasizing the ALMA solution.

The event, which has already positioned itself as the benchmark of the dependency service sector in Spain, has brought together more than 600 professionals, representing the main companies in the sector, which allowed Neat to establish contacts with relevant agents of the social and healthcare world.

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Neat participated in the 2nd International Izmir Gracefully Aging Fair and Congress in Turkey

turkey-1In order to promote Assisted Living solutions, Neat, through its distributor in Turkey, was present in the 2nd International Izmir Gracefully Aging Fair and Congress, held at the Fair Center in the city of Izmir, Turkey.

“It was really nice to have a stand. There were mostly professors from universities who were interested in our products. They liked to hear everything we had to explain. ” Mehmet Ilerler, our distributor in Turkey, stated.

The solutions exhibited at the event were NOVO, NEO, TREX and WALL FAMILY.

The International Izmir Gracefully Aging Fair and Congress aims to meet and introduce elderly citizens and family members with their service providers and the interested parties for the academic and practical purposes and to improve the environment of exchange of ideas and cooperation.

This event also seeks to discuss the needs of the aging communities and societies with the company officials working on the matter of aging and identify the innovative designs and products to meet demands and expectations, creating an opportunity context for introducing the existing designs.

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D-TECT SERIAL combines greater stability when sending alarms with a smart design



D-TECT SERIAL is a device designed to bi-directionally communicate the Neat radio ecosystem with alarm management systems such as D-SERVER or D-TECT Alarm through a serial port.

D-TECT SERIAL sends the received alarms from devices like SMILE, DOOR and so on, to the central unit to be analyzed and then retransmits them to the configured destination.

According to Manuel Tamames, Product Manager of D-TECT SERIAL, “this new device maintains the same functionalities as the previous D-TECT, but offers greater system stability, which guarantees the sending of alarms in every residential center”;  it also “offers a more innovative design that integrates better with the welcoming environment that all healthcare centers aspire to offer”.

Neat integrates D-TECT SERIAL into our D-SERVER sytem, which offers solutions such as wandering system, patient-nurse call system, access control and panic button to care centers and nursing homes.

Residencias Mayores

Key features:

  • Easy installation
  • Radio transceiver
  • Powered by an AC/DC adaptor or the RS485 bus
  • Power failure alarm
  • Regular test alarm
  • Frequency for social alarms
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ALMA, Assisted Living Management Application

ALMA smallALMA is a state of the art cloud based Alarm Management System leveraging zero installation for faster deployments and advanced analysis on the information.

This solution, which is marketed worldwide, is mainly intended to be used in nursing homes , hospitals and group living environments.

According to Antonio Palmero, product manager of ALMA, the solution will provide a great service to those care centers distributed in different buildings, because thanks to the use of mobile terminals, voice communications (between patients and professionals) will be improved and the coverage of the solution will be extended. These improvements enable that, having only one alarm reception center, alarms can be managed and distributed to professionals located in different parts of the center.

alma eng

The system does not require installation and guarantees a wide coverage, low maintenance costs and interoperability with other systems. ALMA offers a multi-channel communication by taking advantage of the benefits that WIFI, 3G / 4G allow in the handling of data and the advantages that GSM and VoIP offer in the communication with voice.

Additionally, it includes a mobile application with voice assistance service that allows carrying out an intelligent attention to alarms in any place and at any time.

By using NFC tags and/or BT beacons operations such as presence / ready, location and door opening can be performed.

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